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Football season just concluded with the Super Bowl, and hopefully you've recovered from the excesses of that game: too much food, too much yelling at the TV, too much alcohol. And when your team won and hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, you immediately went out and purchased all kinds of items to share in the victory. Or maybe you have stuff you got for Christmas to show that you are a "true fan" of your team, and that you love them even if they didn't make the playoffs or lost more games than they won (J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!) and now that the Christmas season bills are (mostly)paid, it is time to get what you need to display them properly.

Our slogan is "We want to help you display your story", and we at Better Display Cases offer a multitude of options for you to display your football story in the way YOU want; and these options are what make our cases unique. Other companies offer only gold colored risers. We at Better Display Cases offer nine different colors with our risers, with more colors on the way. We not only have bases available in the traditional black acrylic, but also have a single turf option and a turf with riser option that is not available from other companies. And there is the new clear acrylic base that makes it look like your display is floating on air! As one of our customers commented on Facebook:

His last comment brings up something else we take pride in: our customer service. Mo Johnson, our owner and head honcho, constantly stresses the importance of customer service. We strive to keep our customers satisfied. If a case is damaged in shipping, we send a replacement out within one business day. We actually answer the phone ourselves. Okay, sometimes you have to leave a message on our machine as we are probably busy filling orders or providing superb customer service, but we WILL call you back. And when it comes to your football memorabilia, we can help you display helmets, cleats, footballs, McFarlane figures, and more.

Starting with FULL-SIZED football helmets, we have our A002 case. We do not just offer the basic gold riser, we also have black, silver, red, purple, green, white, orange, and blue. Your selection of the color can be important, depending on what you are trying to do.

Looking at the pictures above, you can see how the color of the riser brings the matching color out in the Miami Dolphin helmet.

The helmet seen below is the clear case with the traditional black acrylic base and silver risers was sent in by one of our customers with his review:

full size football helmet display case
Thank you so so very much.
Good Morning Guys, Received the display with no problems and I am very happy with it, extremely excited about the way it showcases the gift it self

We also offer this in a mirrored version, seen below with the Super Bowl LIII matchup in red risers and black risers. The black risers are a great choice if you are looking for the risers to blend in with the black acrylic base and let the helmet speak for itself. (And we’re the only company with red risers for you Patriots fans.)

Another option available only from Better Display Cases is the turf bottom. The turf bottom comes with and without risers (see below). Both are available with either the clear or mirror top. I like this option as it reminds you of the gridiron and reinforces the impression of football. It is a less formal way to display your helmet, but as football is a rough and tumble sport where you push people around or bowl them over, getting a bit bloodied in the overall process who needs to be formal. Our customers agree:

But if your helmet is part of your shrine (see my blog "A Man Cave's Purpose" ) then either the black acrylic with its more elegant feel or the clear base with its mystical floating appearance is the way to go.

There is a wall mount version available for any of the mirrored cases with risers. The mirrored backing hides the screws used to mount it the wall. The wall mount replaces the base with the risers and platform being screwed into the wall mount instead of the base.

We also have cases for mini-helmets. Our A003 model (above) is for a single mini-helmet and is available with the black acrylic and risers and single turf. The double turf option is coming in the near future.

If you go to the above page you can see ALL the options for the A003, including the versatile options.

We have found that our customers surprise us on occasion with how they adapt a particular case for something completely different than the initial intended use. Case in point, our A019 double mini-helmet case seen below. We had customers that wanted to display a mini-helmet with a mini-football. So we have a new version of the double turf coming in that will have the cutout to hold a mini-football on one half with the mini-helmet on the other.  This is available in clear or mirrored; turf or black acrylic, with and without risers; and with the wall mount option. Personally, I like the A019 case with the helmet/football combination, especially if you're commemorating a specific game; that way you don't have to buy your opponent's helmet to out the display together.

The stand alone mini-football case is our A005 case. It has a cutout in the middle of the platform to hold the ball. This is available in both the turf and black acrylic with risers options. The single turf bottom is also an option, with the ball resting directly on the turf.

And that will bring us to the Full-Sized football display case, the A004. It has all of the options of the A002, with the colored risers, clear or mirrored case, the turf and black acrylic base options, and is available as a wall mount. The A018 also holds a full-sized football and is the version that has the single turf base.

A004, mirrored with gold risers and clear base

And then we got a message from a customer inquiring about a case to display his rugby ball VERTICALLY. Vertically?! We'd need a whole new case for that....unless we take the base of an A015-which has a hole in the platform to hold mini-basketballs and combine it with the A060 top which has the same footprint as the A015, but is 3.5" taller…and voila, we now have another use for the A060 case.

A060, clear case with white risers

If you have a Super Bowl Ring, real or replica, or any other championship ring that you need to display, we have that covered as well. Our A064 case (seen below) is designed for rings and will fit any size ring. It comes in either the clear acrylic holder or black acrylic holder and both styles come with a drawer. I personally really like these as a great way to keep the dust off your ring and a great way to keep from losing your ring when you’re not wearing it.

They are available here:

We also offer display cases specifically designed for shoes/cleats. The A026 comes with a single turf base and is an excellent choice for display your cleats on a desk or shelf and can be found here:

There is more on the A026 and a special display item near the end of the article. Customers were often asking if A026 was wall mountable, but we had to tell them "No." So, due to popular demand, we created the A082 specifically to be wall mounted. The nice thing about it being wall mountable is it has to have risers; a pleasant side effect of this creation is that we now also have a case for cleats that has risers as well. This is available in both black acrylic and turf bases. But since they’re cleats why would get anything other than turf to display them.

I would have never thought this was something people collected, but we even have a case for end zone pylons. The A021 comes in both a table top version and a wall mount version.

They can be found here:

They always sell hats at the big games to commemorate the big event, and we have a case for those as well. The A006, comes in all the variants that the A002 does. For example, you could buy one of these hats from the (link below) and pair them with the suggested riser/base combination. They have 9000 hats to choose from so everybody can find a hat to go with your A006 display case.

Single turf

Double turf with gold risers

Double turf with blue risers

Double turf with red riser

Double turf with silver risers

Black acrylic with silver risers|264236106&utm_medium=ppc&ks_id=6220_kw2008636&utm_term=+nfl%20+hats&matchtype=b&utm_source=o&target=kwd-25538801205:loc-190&pcrid={creative}&adposition={adposition}&msclkid=fd2ac39e39fe1ae56c689fc42669dc26

Lastly, some of you have McFarlane figures, small statuettes of your favorite players. These figures are about 7" inches tall and there are two different cases you can use to display them. The first would be our A016. With interior measurements of 5" x 5" x 9" it will have about 2" of clearance on the height; this case is also good for bobbleheads. It is available with mirrored, clear, black, and white backs either as a Table Top or Wall Mount. The mirrored Table Top is shown below.

There are two versions of the A015 that would work. The first is our version with either the black acrylic double sheet bottom or the single turf bottom, both available with a clear or mirror top. This version has interior dimensions of 7.5" x 7.5" x 8.25"; So it has a bigger footprint (base dimensions) than the A016, but isn't as tall and the McFarlane figures come with a base that looks like turf so the turf base will complement the figure nicely. The second version comes with risers and is available with either the black acrylic or turf option; because of the risers, the height is down to 7.5", but will still fit McFarlane Figures. Go with this option on the double turf AND get a riser in a complementary color that will really make your figure pop.

A015 mirrored, turf

A015 clear, double sheet

A015 mirrored, silver risers

If you're curious about the McFarlane Figures, you can check them out here: They're reasonably priced and the even have a Zach Ertz figure! If you're wondering why we're excited about that, we have a pair of Zach Ertz, game worn, signed cleats in a mirrored A026 with turf; we donated the case as it was for a charity auction for Lauren Shevchek, a young woman working to recover from quadraplegia. For more about Lauren you can check out my blog here:
or her Facebook page:

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