Wall Mounts for Display Cases made by Better Display Cases

You know all about why you need a display case but what about acrylic shelves or wall mounts? Perhaps more importantly, why would you need a wall-mount in the first place? Well, maybe you don’t. But if space is an issue and you're looking to de-clutter your closet, attic, or basement, a wall mount will enable you to turn a blank wall into useable display space. Also, attaching your case to the wall gives the displayed item a more prominent position and stimulates the curiosity of people. The memorabilia can easily become a focal point of the room.

Our shelf-style wall-mounts come with a mirrored back case. A clear case would show our black wall-mount shelf against your room’s paint or wallpaper and create a less desirable look and detract from the item in the case. The mirror hides the screws used to hold the wall-mount and also hides the black back portion of the wall mount for a much more aesthetic look.

Our wall-mounts aren’t just a shelf that you place your case on; they are actually an integral part of the case, and are compatible with any base and risers combination you choose. Just follow the instructions that are included with your case or watch our video on how to incorporate your wall mount onto the base of your case. But why do you need a wall mount? Attaching your case to the wall gives the displayed item a more prominent position, and it stimulates the curiosity of people.

If you want to create value for your display, mounting your case onto a wall is a quick and easy option. If everyone wants to know the story about what’s in your display case, attaching your case to the wall will only increase its importance. Wall mounts are a great way to display your prized possessions when you lack table or shelf space in your home for a display case. If you have children or animals that can reach your display, then a wall-mount is a safe way to keep your case on display without worry.

Our wall-mounts are made of the same black acrylic as our bases and platforms, creating a blended look. They’re thicker than our competitors and strong enough to hold any of our mirrored cases and what you put inside.

Bathroom & Kitchen ShelvesAnother great way to de-clutter your home and create more storage space is by investing in our acrylic shelves. These come in handy for both collectibles and more practical items around the household. Making good use of empty wall space can also help save you money. On average, Americans spend about $1,000 per year on a storage unit, which is a lot of money to say the least! When you buy wall-mounted shelves instead of traditional shelving, you free up vital floor space in your home that can be used for storing other items which in turn, reduces the need for a storage unit. Our acrylic shelves save space, save money, and improve the quality of life in your home.