Colored Risers for Display Cases

If your base is a stage, the risers are the supporting actors in telling your story. They should not be the focus of the display case; they should enhance it. A baseball glove with a turf base brings you back to the park. Add white risers and you now have your baseball diamond. Gold risers bring elegance and gravitas to your display, especially when matched with a clear base. Black risers with a black base hide the risers if you want a more reserved look. Silver risers look great with the black bases and account for almost fifty percent of our sales. But don’t follow the crowd! Make your case yours by matching the base and riser color to your display. Any color base that has risers can be matched with any color riser. If you want a simulated wood base with purple and gold or yellow risers to display your Lakers basketball, we can do that! Want a black floor with a white platform to showcase a soccer ball? We can do that! Want more than one color of riser with your display? We can do that! Just send us an email and we can help you tell your story the way you want to.


Matching the base and riser color to your display.

We also want to hear what colors you want that we don’t offer. Many of the items we offer is because of feedback we’ve received from customers. Because our risers are made of metal, you can purchase our white risers, buy your own primer and paint, and make the risers your own personal color! Once you consider all our display case, base and riser color options, you realize that Better Display Cases is the Sherwin-Williams of display cases! We offer literally hundreds of different base and riser color options for each size case, so you are sure to find a case to meet your needs.

Please note that it is possible to add risers to one of our non-riser cases. Frank (one of our customers) explains how.