Versatile Acrylic Display Case with Slide Back and Size Options

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Please click on the case you want and then click on any other drop down black arrows to see if there is an available option. If so, it will show in black (not grey) letters. If you think your display case is out of stock, please double check. It may be a simple matter of selecting a matching base (black letters / not grey) for that case.
  • HIGH QUALITY clear acrylic display box; comes fully assembled

  • Table Top option: FULLY ASSEMBLED with sliding removable (Clear/Mirror) back for easy access and RUBBER FEET on bottom to keep from scratching shelf or table; can be displayed vertically or horizontally

  • Wall Mount option: FULLY ASSEMBLED with sliding removable (black/white) back with wall mount for easy access and to make hanging simple

  • Clear Wall Mount option: REMOVABLE CLEAR BACK with WALL MOUNT (can use Vertically or Horizontally) for easy access and to make hanging simple

  • FREE MICROFIBER cleaning cloth included with each case; mounting screws included

  • HAND CRAFTED with fire polished edges; 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - You shouldn't have any issues with your new purchase but in the rare case you do, just let us know and we will make it right! We strive for 100% customer satisfaction


    - 3.75 X 8.9 X 12.75 DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 12.75 inches Tall, 3.75 inches Deep, 8.87 inches Wide; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 12.375 inches Tall, 3.375 inches Deep, 8.495 inches Wide

    - 4.9 X 4.9 X 18.5 DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 4.875 inches Long, 4.875 inches Deep, 18.5 inches High; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 4.5 inches Long, 4.5 inches Deep, 18.125 inches High

    - 5.5 X 5.5 X 9.5 DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 5.5 inches Long, 5.5 inches Deep, 9.5 inches High; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 5.125 inches Long, 5.125 inches Deep, 9.125 inches High

    - 5.5 X 5.5 X 13.25 DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: Length 5.5 inches, Depth 5.5 inches, Height 13.25 inches; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: Length 5.125 inches, Depth 5.125 inches, Height 12.875 inches

    - 6 X 3.25 X 8 DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 6 inches Long, 3.25 inches Deep, 8 inches High; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 5.625 inches Long, 3.125 inches Deep, 7.625 inches High

    - 6 X 6 X 15 DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 6 inches Long, 6 inches Deep, 15 inches High; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 5.625 inches Long, 5.625 inches Deep, 14.625 inches High