Assembling the wall-mount:

  1. Unscrew all of the nuts
  2. Remove the top platform, risers, and screws.

  3. Remove the base (you will no longer need it) and replace it with the longer side of the Wall Mount

  4. Replace the cover

Additional Note:
Always place the wall mount against the wall in this direction:

Not like this:


As for what to use to affix the wall mount to the wall -- we recommend simple black or grey drywall screws. The larger the wall mount, the larger the screws should be.

The dark color will blend into the black color of the wall mount. This shouldn't matter much as the screws in the back should be covered by the mirror of the case itself. Still, if you have a choice, we recommend black or grey.

We recommend drywall screws because they are by by far the easiest way to screw the wall mounts into the wall. BUT you need to get at least one of the two screws into a stud. If you can, you will be set. If you can't, then, depending on the weight of the case and object in the case, and the handling/wear tear of moving things in and out of the wall mount, the screws may work their way loose and eventually the wall mount could even fall off the wall.

So, if you can't get a screw into a stud, then we recommend using wall anchors. Of course wall anchors will be more difficult and still not as secure as drywall screws into studs. But, if you can't place the wall mount in a location where one of the screws can find a stud, then wall anchors are the next best choice.

Any sagging problem can be fixed with basic shims or even cardboard to prop the wall mount up. More about that in this video you might find helpful and enjoy about installing wall anchors.


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