The short answer is to Protect & Display your memories. 

Each piece of memorabilia you own has a story to tell — stories that bring back good memories and make us smile. Those stories need to be protected and displayed.


Too often, our prized possessions and treasured memorabilia are stored in small, worn-out boxes in the back of an attic, closet or basement. This not only leads to potentially damaged items but also special stories being forgotten about. Display cases provide protection from damage caused by dust, spills, fingerprints, light, or simply something falling on top of them. Over time this damage can become impossible to reverse. If you’ve ever tried to remove dust from an old doll, preserved flowers, books, etc – you know what I’m talking about. Nearly impossible! So protect and preserve your memorabilia with a high quality display case to prevent the damage in the first place.


Display Cases also draw attention to the most important items in a room. Whether you have memories you’ve made yourself or ones that have been passed down through your family, each one should be cherished and shared. Here's a story about how display cases make memorabilia really "pop". Note also that a quality case can increase the perceived value of your collectibles, potentially leading to higher resale and value.

Acrylic v Glass

Acrylic has exceptional optical clarity, which makes it an ideal material for display cases. It offers a clear view of the items inside, allowing for a view of your collectibles. Its a strong and shatter resistant material, providing better protection against impacts than glass. Acrylic is a lightweight material, making it easier to handle, move, and install compared to glass. This can be beneficial when dealing with larger display cases or when you need to transport them. Acrylic is also often more affordable than glass cases, making them a budget option without sacrificing quality or protection. Acrylic is easy to clean and maintain. You can simply use a soft cloth and mild cleaning solution to keep your display case nice and clean. 

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What Can Be Displayed in A Display Case?

A better question may be:  What can’t be displayed? Display cases are versatile structures, often made of glass and wood or metal, that provide an excellent way to showcase and protect a wide variety of items. They are used in several settings, ranging from retail establishments and museums to private homes and offices. Here are some items that can be displayed in a display case:

  1. Football Helmet
  2. Basketball
  3. Baseballs
  4. Pop Culture Characters
  5. Baseball Glove
  6. Softball 
  7. Boxing Gloves
  8. Hockey Stick
  9. Anime Figures
  10. Basketball Shoes
  11. Lacrosse Helmet
  12. Motocross Helmet
  13. Rugby
  14. Autographed footballs
  15. Football Pylon
  16. Olympic medals
  17. Baseball Cards 
  18. Basketball Cards
  19. Football Card
  20. Soccer Cards
  21. Sports Magazines
  22. Game tickets
  23. Sports bobbleheads
  24. Autographed helmets
  25. Signed Soccer Cleats
  26. Hockey Pucks
  27. Autographed boxing gloves
  28. Tennis Rackets
  29. Golf Balls
  30. Sports figurines
  31. Baseball Hat
  32. Football
  33. Snapback 
  34. College sports memorabilia
  35. Model Cars
  36. Racing suits and helmets
  37. Athlete's shoes
  38. Movie props
  39. Movie Memorabilia
  40. Music awards and trophies
  41. Rare Vinyl Records
  42. Signed comic books
  43. Rocks And Minerals
  44. Manga
  45. Medals
  46. Hockey Stick
  47. Swords
  48. Military memorabilia
  49. Jewelry
  50. Watches
  51. Wine Bottle
  52. Cereal Box
  53. Miniature cars
  54. Model Airplanes
  55. CDs
  56. DVDs 
  57. Video games
  58. Trading cards (e.g. Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering)
  59. Masks
  60. Retro Robots
  61. Star War Figurine
  62. Toy Trucks
  63. Toy Motorcycles
  64. Hats
  65. Frisbee
  66. Football Pylon
  67. Pin Pong Paddle 
  68. Toy Rockets
  69. Dolls
  70. Magazines
  71. Movie Memorabilia
  72. Music Memorabilia
  73. Bowling Pin
  74. Miniature Football 
  75. Miniature Football Helmet
  76. Flowers
  77. Pin Collection
  78. Comic Book Figure
  79. Lego Creations
  80. Funko Pops
  81. Starwars Lightsaber
  82. Bible 
  83. Volleyball 
  84. Soccer
  85. Model Tanks
  86. Model Ship
  87. Ice Skate
  88. Record Player
  89. Diorama
  90. Football Stadium Model
  91. Skateboard 
  92. Bowling Ball
  93. Flag
  94. Ring
  95. Fireman Helmet 
  96. Cowboy Hat
  97. Rugby Ball 
  98. Golf Clubs
  99. Baseball Home Plate
  100. VHS Tape

 In conclusion, the versatility of display cases makes them an essential part of a wide array of settings. They provide an effective and elegant way to highlight, protect, and showcase various types of items, from retail products and food items to personal collectibles and priceless artifacts. By offering clear visibility while ensuring the protection of the displayed objects, they bring items to life, creating a narrative and drawing the viewer in. Whether it's a museum presenting ancient artifacts, a bakery showcasing fresh pastries, a store featuring luxury watches, or a home displaying cherished family heirlooms, the possibilities of what can be displayed in a display case are virtually endless. So, next time you see a display case, take a moment to appreciate not just what's inside, but also the protective and aesthetically pleasing enclosure that enhances the value and appeal of the items within