The short answer is to Protect & Display your memories. 

Each piece of memorabilia you own has a story to tell — stories that bring back good memories and make us smile. Those stories need to be protected and displayed.


Too often, our prized possessions and treasured memorabilia are stored in small, worn-out boxes in the back of an attic, closet or basement. This not only leads to potentially damaged items but also special stories being forgotten about. Display cases provide protection from damage caused by dust, spills, fingerprints, light, or simply something falling on top of them. Over time this damage can become impossible to reverse. If you’ve ever tried to remove dust from an old doll, preserved flowers, books, etc – you know what I’m talking about. Nearly impossible! So protect and preserve your memorabilia with a high quality display case to prevent the damage in the first place.


Display Cases also draw attention to the most important items in a room. Whether you have memories you’ve made yourself or ones that have been passed down through your family, each one should be cherished and shared. Here's a story about how display cases make memorabilia really "pop". Note also that a quality case can increase the perceived value of your collectibles, potentially leading to higher resale and value.

Acrylic v Glass

Acrylic has exceptional optical clarity, which makes it an ideal material for display cases. It offers a clear view of the items inside, allowing for a view of your collectibles. Its a strong and shatter resistant material, providing better protection against impacts than glass. Acrylic is a lightweight material, making it easier to handle, move, and install compared to glass. This can be beneficial when dealing with larger display cases or when you need to transport them. Acrylic is also often more affordable than glass cases, making them a budget option without sacrificing quality or protection. Acrylic is easy to clean and maintain. You can simply use a soft cloth and mild cleaning solution to keep your display case nice and clean. 

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It’s important to invest in a high-quality display case that will last, which is what we at Better Display Cases deliver. From sports memorabilia to family heirlooms, we offer a display case for every story. Read more about what makes Better Display Cases best and browse our collection of over 10,000 cases today!