Acrylic Wheaties Cereal Box Display Case (A020/BK05)

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  • HIGH-QUALITY, HANDCRAFTED clear acrylic tabletop or wall mount display case with polished edges and UV protection for a collectible Wheaties Cereal Box
  • SLIDING REMOVABLE BACK for easy access and with the wall mount to make hanging simple for wall mount option
  • FREE MICROFIBER cleaning cloth included
  • HAND CRAFTED with polished edges and UV protection
  • OUTSIDE Dimensions: 12.75" Tall, 3.75" Deep, 8.87" Wide
    INSIDE Dimensions: 12.375" Tall, 3.375" Deep, 8.495" Wide; Holds one cereal box up to 18 ounces in size

Protect your collectible Wheaties Cereal Box in a beautiful, high-quality, display case. This case is constructed of 1/8" crystal clear, durable high clarity acrylic, not cheap plastic.

This is a wonderful gift for anyone with a Wheaties Cereal box, or something of similar size to display. Memorabilia pictured in the display case is not included.

Manufactured and sold only by Better Display Cases (a Veteran owned company).

Manufactured by Better Display Cases (a Veteran owned company). This display case is sold only by Better Display Cases. If you purchase it from a different seller you will not receive the same product pictured in this listing.

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