What Makes Us Better? – Better Display Cases

What Makes Us Better?

The competition might have some of these things, 
but no one has  them  all  –  except Better Display Cases.

  1. High Quality Acrylic

    Our display cases are made of high quality, crystal clear, acrylic. Acrylic is better than glass for display cases.  We also use the same black acrylic on the base, platform and back of the mirror ensuring that everything blends together perfectly!

  2. Size

    Let’s face it, bigger is better. If you compare our measurements with the competition - ours are bigger. This ensures your collectible will fit in the case without it looking crowded; leaving room for extra things you might display along with your item.

  3. Thickness

    Our acrylic is thicker than the competition. Thicker means that it's sturdier and more attractive

  4. UV Protection

    We aim to keep your valuables safe from the harmful effects of sunlight - like fading.

  5. Real Mirrors

    We don't use the cheap mirror stickers others use because eventually they bubble up and peal off... ours won't

  6. The "Rollover"

    Most other cases come with 5 individual sides glued together. We only use 4 - by rolling the top of the case down to the front leaving it smooth and seamless.

  7. Polish

    Our cases come with polished edges and fully polished bases/platforms.
  8. Design

    Because we manufacture our own display cases, we can make them special and unique. Also, only we sell them. So, you won't see cases quite like ours anywhere else. So, don't be fooled. Don't buy from another seller!

  9. Rubber Feet

    To protect the bottom of your case and the top of your table, we include minimalistic rubber feet so that nothing gets scratched.

  10. Metal Risers and Screws

    To our knowledge, we provide the only display cases on the market that don't use cheap plastic risers. We use durable metal risers, screws, and nuts. 

  11. Options

    We offer mirroredclear, and wall-mount variations A variety of bases - Green Turf, Wood Floor, black acrylic with or without risers.  We also offer different color risers - GoldSilver, Black, Red, White, Blue and Orange;  as well as Large or Small.

  12. Consistency

    Our display cases match each other.  So, you can have multiple display cases, of different sizes, that have matching, coordinated looks (matching risers, base, platform, etc).

  13. Wall Mount

    With a simplesleek, integrated and sturdy design that doesn't leave any screws showing.

  14. Riser Insert

    Protects the base and gives a “floating” appearance to the risers.

  15. Packaging and Shipping

    We use the best packaging available to make sure your case doesn't break in shipping... but if it does - we've got you covered, for free.

  16. Customer Service

    We guarantee that no customer walks away unsatisfied!

  17. Price

    Unlike most of our competitors, we don't sell anyone else's display cases. We manufacture our own cases and sell them direct to the consumer. By cutting out the middle man, we can give you a better price.

  18. Veteran Owned and Operated


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