The competition might have some of these things, 
but no one has  them  all  –  except Better Display Cases.

  1. CUSTOMER SERVICE: As a Veteran-owned company we understand the importance of service.

"We want to help you display your story" is not just our tagline, it's why we are in this business. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied, or you get your money back!

  1. VARIETY: We offer multiple options that allow you to personalize your case.
2.1. The First Decision: We started by offering our cases in Clear or Mirrored (see below) backs. Most of our cases come with this option.

2.2. Colors: We started with Gold colored metal risers, but soon expanded to different colored risers, adding Silver and Black. We have since added Red, White, Orange, Blue, Green, and Purple colored risers!

2.3. Bases: Then we decided to offer different base options adding turf, simulated wood, and white and clear acrylic bases to the usual black acrylic. And all four have the option of being paired with any of the colored riser!

2.4. Wall or Table Top: All cases with risers have the wall mount Also, several of our cases have removable sliding panels on the back instead of the case resting on a base. Originally these were offered in just clear for table top or black for vertical wall mounting, but that changed because of customer requests. Some of our customers wanted clear back wall mounts, others wanted to wall mount their cases horizontally, and we got requests for white and mirrored backs. All of our sliding back cases now offer clear, black, mirrored, and white backs available in tabletop, vertical wall mount, or horizontal wall mount versions.

2.5. Size Matters. We offer an assortment of sizes to meet your needs. We started with the obvious sizes for sport memorabilia like helmets and balls, but over time our customers desired display cases for a multitude of items. Whether for dolls, figurines, Lego models, tea cups/mugs, or tarantula molts (yes, tarantula molts), we have almost a hundred different items in our inventory. The great ideas keep coming in (thank you all very much!), and we have no plans to stop growing our selections.


  1. QUALITY CONSTRUCTION We take pride in the appearance of our cases because quality matters
3.1. Design: Because we manufacture our own display cases, we can make them special and unique. You won't see cases quite like ours anywhere else. So, don't be fooled, only we sell them. Compare our cases to the competition and you’ll find ours are better.

3.2. High Quality Acrylic: Our display cases are hand-crafted from high quality, crystal clear, acrylic. Our acrylic is virgin cast acrylic which  is better than extruded acrylic because it is harder and thus scratches less easily.  Here's an article about why acrylic is better than glass for display cases.  Our standard cases with black bases use use the same acrylic on the base, platform and mirror backing, ensuring that everything blends together perfectly!

3.3. Thickness: Our acrylic is thicker than the competition. This makes our cases sturdier and more attractive.  This is also true of our bases for cases designed to hold heavier items like a bowling ball or a full size football helmet.  While on that point, for our larger cases we add an additional support in the middle of the base and extra rubber feet.  All of that is to prevent sagging in the base.  

3.4. The Rollover and Polish: Most other cases come with 5 individual sides glued together. We only use 3 (4 in our mirrored cases) - by rolling the top of the case down to the front and back, leaving it smooth and  Our cases come with polished edges and fully polished bases/platforms.

3.5. Mirrored Acrylic: We don't use the cheap mirror stickers others use because eventually they bubble up and peel off... ours won't.

3.6. Rubber Feet: To protect the bottom of your case and the top of your display surface, we include minimalistic rubber feet so that nothing gets scratched.

3.7. Metal Risers and Screws: To our knowledge, we sell the only display cases that use durable metal risers, screws, and nuts instead of cheap plastic risers. This allows for the variety of colors that we offer and gives the case a more eloquent overall appearance.

3.8. Riser Insert: These protect the base and gives a "floating" appearance to the risers as they are black and blend in with the black bases.

3.9. Consistency: Our display cases match each other. You can have multiple display cases of differing sizes that have a coordinated look (matching risers, base, platform, etc).

3.10. Wall Mounts: Our mirrored cases have a wall mount that is designed specifically for that model case. This results in a simple, sleek, integrated and sturdy design that doesn't leave any screws showing.

3.11. UV Protection: Our cases provide typical, basic, acrylic UV protection which is most effective for normal indoor lighting.  It will not protect from UV damage from direct sunlight outdoors or direct rays of sunlight coming through windows.  It is possible to get acrylic that provides more UV protection.  It is much more expensive and not necessary in most cases; therefore, we don’t offer it.  But, if you search for "museum quality UV acrylic" you may be able to find a case made with it.  We have a more detailed discussion of this at UV protection.


  1. PRICE By cutting out the middle man, we can give you a better price.
4.1. We manufacture our own cases and sell them direct to the customer.

4.2. Shipping: Shipping is free with your order!

4.3. Packaging: We use the best packaging available to make sure your case doesn't break in shipping... but if it does - we've got you covered, for free!  Also, note that our display cases are double boxed with foam corners in between the boxes. 

Better Display Cases - Better packaging!
That means the interior box normally arrives in pristine condition.  Perfect for a gift!  


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