What Makes Better Display Cases Better

Some of the most important belongings you’ll ever own are the ones that remind you of a special memory. From the first baseball you caught at a game to an antique given to you by a loved one and everything in between. Your memories tell your story and deserve to be on display for everyone to see.

Better Display Cases is a family-owned and operated company that is dedicated to helping you share your stories for years to come. Our business strives to bring you the best in customer service, product quality, and display satisfaction.

With over 10,000 display case options available in many unique sizes and colors, Better Display Cases offers what you won’t find anywhere else: noteworthy display cases for every noteworthy memory.

We Provide Unmatched Customer Service

Our tagline is “We want to help you display your story” for a reason.

As a veteran-owned and family-operated company, providing you with exceptional service that makes you feel like family is at the forefront of everything we do. We make your satisfaction our guarantee — or you’ll get your money back!

We want to get it right for every customer. No matter the problem, whether a broken case, wrong color, or anything else, we will fix it until it’s exactly what you need. For any issues, you can contact the owner, Mo Johnson, here.

You really can't "overhype" customer service.   Because nothing is more important.   Having a great product is a wonderful first step.  But, still there are problems that can arise in assembly, shipping, etc.  Maybe you make a mistake and order the wrong case.  Maybe we make a mistake and ship the wrong one.  It happens.  You need to buy your display case from a company that stands behind its product all the way to ensure your complete satisfaction!

We Offer Thousands of Sizes and Styles

One size does not fit all — especially when it comes to memories and stories to tell. With over 10,000 display case options, you can find the perfect fit in style and size.

We expanded our selection of display cases to provide each customer, each memory, and each story with a personalized solution. You can start by choosing between a mirrored or clear backing for your display case. Depending on the item, you may want a mirrored back to add dimension and appeal. Most of our cases come with this option, but you can also choose a clear case as well so the item is visible from all angles. We also offer wall mount options for nearly all our display cases.

For metal risers, we also offer twelve color choices including gold, blue, green, red and more! This type of customization is not offered by anyone else; we make it a priority.  We are also the only company to offer black inserts (which we have custom made) for those risers to give them a “floating” appearance.

Take the customization one step further with our base options: black, turf, simulated wood, white, clear and our newest base option – a mirror base which allows every side (even the bottom) of your memorabilia to be viewed. These options allow you to find the most attractive display setting for your memories.

All in all, the color options (for both risers and the base) we offer is probably the single biggest factor that makes Better Display Cases stand out.  

Of course size matters too. So we offer display cases ranging in sizes fit for helmets to “building block” (German company trademark we can’t say 😊) models to balls to rings. If there isn’t a size that matches exactly what you need, let us know. We take your feedback and suggestions seriously, and your needs inform expansions in our selections!

No matter which display case you choose, we guarantee your choice will look polished, consistent, and professional for years to come.

Our Cases Have Long-Lasting Construction

Your stories deserve to be on display for years to come. That’s why we make it a priority to construct quality, durable, secure, and long-lasting display cases. From their acrylic casing to secure wall mounts, Better Display Cases outlast all of the competition.

Display cases are commonly made with glass, but glass is too fragile and can be easily damaged. We make our cases with high clarity, crystal clear, thick acrylic instead to shield against cracks, scratches, and other damage over time. Each piece of the case is made with the same acrylic material to ensure a smooth-looking surface from all angles. The edges of the case and base are polished

Importantly, the front and top of the case is always made from one piece of acrylic that is bent at a 90 degree angle. This ensures there is no seam or dripping glue in that prominent place.  Our cases ship to you as one piece -- 5 sides either bent or glued together.  Not like the crappy cases you sometimes see that you have to somehow put the 5 sides together yourself!

When ordering other brands’ cases with mirrored acrylic, it can be common to see air bubbles and peeling corners as the years go on. At Better Display Cases, we use real mirrored acrylic, not a mirror sticker, to ensure the appearance of your case and memorabilia is always the best it can be.

We are the only company out there that takes setting up your memorabilia and display case as seriously as the construction of the case itself. Instead of cheap plastic, we use metal bolts and risers, available in many colors, to ensure a secure object display and elegant appearance. Each case is also fitted with rubber “feet” to keep your display surface scratch-free. If you prefer to mount your display case, you can be sure that the supplies included result in a sturdy and long-lasting display.

We Offer Competitive Pricing

At Better Display Cases, we manufacture our own cases and ship them directly to you. By cutting out the middle-man, we’re able to keep the price of displaying your stories affordable.

Plus, shipping is free in the 48 CONUS States.

We Provide Industry-Leading Shipping

We understand that putting your memories on display is an investment. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that your display case arrives to you damage-free and in mint condition.

First, we wrap your display case in bubble wrap. It’s then enclosed in a small, form-fitting box. That box then has foam corners placed around all four corners and then placed in a second, bigger box. This added layer of protection keeps the fragile display case safe and secure during its trip to you. It also keeps the interior box pristine and perfect for gift giving. 

Better Display Cases - Better packaging!

The Best Display Cases Are at Better Display Cases

Displaying your memories shouldn’t be taken lightly, and we take that task seriously. You won’t find anything better than right here at Better Display Cases. Begin the search for your perfect display case today!


What Makes Better Display Cases Better

What Makes Better Display Cases Better



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