Returns can be a painful process for all involved.  Not only do you have to carefully repackage the product and get it to a shipping carrier but also there are potential problems with the cost and risk of damage in return shipping.  For these reasons, we do all we can to avoid returns.

Damaged Products

The first thing we do to avoid returns is eliminate the need to return anything that you receive damaged (this is the most common return situation).  If you receive a damaged (or defective) product, please contact us HERE to initiate the resend process. YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO RETURN YOUR DAMAGED PRODUCT.  Please include your order number in the message so we can find your order and let us know what part of your product is damaged.  For instance, maybe only the base or only the case is damaged.  We will send you replacements for any parts that you received in damaged condition.   Please be sure to keep the good parts to use with the replacement parts.  It may be necessary to take pictures of the damage that we can use for our claims process.  Feel free to dispose of the damaged product after you have taken any necessary pictures.  We will be sure to keep you updated with relevant shipping information for your replacement.  All of this happens at no additional cost to you.

Return Policy

Try as we might, unfortunately from time to time we make mistakes with an order or the shipping carrier damages the case.  In that situation, please let us know and we will fix the problem by sending you a replacement and/or the correct item and, if necessary, a return shipping label to return the incorrect item.   Of course this is at no cost to you.  

Sometimes customers want to return something they ordered because they changed their mind or maybe ordered the wrong size case or wrong product.  If so, that's ok, but please keep these things in mind:   

First, we only accept returns up to 45 days after date of delivery.  This is because of time limits in making claims with our carrier and also because we  change  our products periodically and want to avoid mixing up old and new inventory.  

Second, the product must still be in new condition.  If you have handled it such that marks or scratches have been left on the product, then we cannot accept its return.  

Third, if the return is due to your change of mind or order mistake on your part -- you are required to pay for the return shipping.  We can send you a return shipping label, taking advantage of our reduced shipping rates.  A great advantage to doing it this way is that even if the item is damaged in return shipping, we can still refund you, and we would handle the damage claim with FedEx. If you would like to do this, please tell us in your message whether you would prefer a drop-off or a pickup.  All return labels purchased through us will be FedEx shipping labels.  We will deduct the cost of the return shipping label from your refund. 

Alternatively, you can use your own shipping carrier.  If you do that, please ensure they provide insurance because if your case is damaged in return shipping, and you shipped it with your own shipping label, we cannot issue a refund.  In that case, we would send you pictures of the damage that you can use to file a claim with your carrier.  Either way,  please package the case up the way you received it to hopefully avoid shipping damage.   

Finally, if you have concerns about your display case, but don't want to deal with the hassle of returning it, then please contact us to discuss other options that might resolve the issue. 

 Exchange Policy

If you would like to exchange any of our products that you purchased for another, you are more than welcome to do so.

To start the exchange process, please contact us here with your order number and details regarding which product you have and which product you’d like to exchange it for. You will be expected to pay for the shipping of the product you currently have back to us.  The product you are returning must be in new condition.

Any difference in price once the return shipping has been applied will either be refunded to you or sent to you via an invoice. We will then email you the return label, and make sure you get shipping updates on the product you are exchanging it for. We will ship out your new product(s) once we have confirmation that the product you originally purchased has shipped.

 Refund Policy

There are three instances where you are eligible for a refund: Returns, Exchanges, and Damaged Products.  Each of these situations are discussed  above.  Below is further information specific to refunds.  

For returns, refunds are issued once the product has arrived back at our warehouse, and we've inspected the case for resell value. If you purchase a return label through us, you will be provided a full refund regardless of resellability. However, if you do not return it via a return label from us, you will only be issued a full refund if the case is returned in resellable condition.  This means that any potential scuffs or scratches can be removed and all parts of the display case are undamaged. If it is returned unable to be resold, we will be unable to provide a refund. Instead, we will provide pictures so that you may make a claim with the shipping carrier you chose to use.

For exchanges, any necessary refund will be applied once the product has arrived back at our warehouse.

You never need to return damaged products.  We strive to make our  customers happy with FREE replacements. However, if for some reason you'd rather just cancel your order and get a refund, simply contact us here with your order number and state that a refund is preferred. You will be asked to provide pictures of your damaged display case in order to be eligible for a refund. We will then issue you a full refund and there won't be any need for you to return the product(s). The full refund only applies to damaged products. If you buy more than one product and only one arrives damaged, you will only get fully refunded for the item that arrived damaged; not the full order.

For reasons discussed above, all refunds are only eligible for up to 45 days after date of delivery. Any requests for refunds after that timeframe will NOT be accepted. If the refund process is initiated before the deadline, but will not be completed until after the deadline, it will still be accepted in that circumstance.

Whew!  Sorry for the lengthy page.  As you can see, returning acrylic display cases can be a difficult process due to the amount of care and packaging required, shipping costs and damage risks.  For those reasons, we do all we can to avoid returns!  Please contact us with any questions.   Thank you!