Return Policy

This is NOT a policy for those who have received damaged products. If you received damaged products, please go view our damaged product policy here: [insert link here]

If you would like to return one of our products, keep in mind we do not accept returns 45 days after date of delivery; however, you have a few options for doing a return, which we’ll list below. Regardless of the option you select, we ask that you package up the display case the way it was sent to you, so as to cut down on the likelihood of it being damaged during delivery.

The first return option you have is you may use the shipping carrier of your choice and return it to us, and we'll refund you upon the return, should there be no damage to the case. You will need to insert a way of identifying yourself and your order into the package, and get insurance on the package so that if it arrives damaged you can make a claim with your carrier, as we cannot give a refund if that were to happen. We will take pictures to make sure you have as much ease as possible on your end when making the claim.

The second option is that you can purchase a shipping label through us. Should you choose to do this, please send us an email to with your order number in the subject line requesting a return label, and stating whether you would prefer a drop-off or a pickup. All return labels purchased through us will be through either FedEx or USPS depending on the product. We will send you an invoice for the return label, and then email it to you once it has been paid for with either instructions on the nearest drop-off location or details of the pickup confirmation.

The final option is you may contact us if you would like to avoid the hassle of a return to receive additional options not listed here. Either email us at or call us at 540-602-2692, Monday – Friday, 10 am – 6 pm EST.



Exchange Policy

If you would like to exchange any of our products that you purchased for another, you are more than welcome to do so.

To start the exchange process, please email us at with your order number in the Subject line, and the body detailing which product you have and which product you’d like to exchange it for. You will be expected to pay for the shipping of the product you currently have back to us.

Any difference in price once the return shipping has been applied will either be refunded to you or sent to you via an invoice. We will then email you the return label, and make sure you get shipping updates on the product you are exchanging it for. We will ship out your new product(s) once we have confirmation that the product you originally purchase has shipped.



Damaged Products Policy

If you receive a damaged product, please email us at to initiate the resend process. YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO RETURN YOUR DAMAGED PRODUCTS. Please put your order number in the subject line of the email and let us know what parts of your product are damaged in the body of your email to us. We will send you replacements for any parts that are damaged upon arrival, so be sure to keep the good parts to use with the replacements, but feel free to get rid of the damaged products. We will be sure to keep you updated with relevant shipping information for your replacements.