How To Clean Your Acrylic Display Case

Caring for your display case doesn’t cross your mind until after you make your purchase. We want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase for years to come so here are some helpful tips for cleaning your acrylic display case:

• Use a microfiber cloth or a can of air to dust your case. All of our cases will come with a free microfiber cleaning cloth to help clean your case and remove any dust that may accumulate. “Swiffer Dusters” work decently as well. You will want to avoid using non-microfiber towels or paper towels when cleaning acrylic to reduce the risk of scratching. 

• When cleaning with a microfiber cloth, use a blotting method to wipe up prints and stains. This will help avoid any possible scratches from forming.

• Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners like Windex; they can cause permanent damage to your case. If you need to clean your case with liquid, use warm, soapy water or acrylic cleaner. For acrylic cleaner, we recommend our Novus Acrylic Cleaning Kit.


• If your case does scratch, it’s possible to fix it without having to replace the case. We recommend using Novus brand products for removing scratches from acrylic.

• Keep your case out of direct sunlight. All of our cases have basic UV light protection outlined here. If you leave your case in a place where the sun can shine on it, you risk sun-bleaching the item or the case itself.