NOVUS Acrylic Cleaning Kit – Cleaning, Display Cleaning Kit

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Included in kit:

1x 2 oz bottle NOVUS #1 Plastic Clean & Shine

2x NOVUS Polish Mates polishing cloth

perspex lucite acrylic cleaner

Keep your acrylic display cases looking brand new with our NOVUS Acrylic Cleaning Kit. NOVUS acrylic plastic polish is designed to clean acrylic without leaving scratches. It also leaves a lustrous shine that resists fogging, repels dust, and eliminates static. We believe that Novus offers the best way to clean plexiglass on the market.

Using ammonia-based cleaners like Windex on acrylic will leave unsightly streaks on your display case. Also, never use vinegar to clean plexiglass, it is too acidic and will ruin your display case. Only use approved products for cleaning plexiglass.

Two NOVUS Polish Mates are included with the kit. They are the best microfiber cloth for polishing because they are highly absorbent, extra durable, and abrasion resistant.

We are so confidant that NOVUS is the best plexiglass cleaner, we use it every day on every display case order! Don't settle for a generic acrylic cleaner and polish, make the "Better" choice.

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