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Hi, welcome to Better Display Cases! 

I started Better Display Cases after retiring from the military and it actually started as a sports fan website that morphed into selling sports fan products and then the display cases you see here.   

I've always been passionate about sports, and as it turns out, designing display cases that show off sporting memorabilia (and much, much more) has been a very exciting and fulfilling venture.  

We design and manufacture our unique, high quality, cases. This allows us to deliver high quality display cases to you at a lower cost.  It also allows us to respond quickly to customer desires.  We get most of our best ideas from our customers.  As a result, we have grown from our original 9 products to now over 3,000.  In addition to many different size case; we offer VERY unique base options (black, white, clear, turf, synthetic wood -- AND 9 different riser color options).  You won't find our stuff anywhere else!


Remember, only we sell Better Display Cases, so don't buy from anyone else! You may end up with a cheap replica.

We aim to please our customers.  Really more than just "aim."  I can't remember a single customer who has ever walked away unhappy from their purchase from us.  If they did, they didn't talk to me because I wouldn't have let that happen!

Whoever you buy your display case from -- please make sure it's a reputable company that stands behind their product. Unfortunately, acrylic display cases can crack when shipped.  No matter how well we package them (and we package them very well) it happens.  You want to buy from a company who will ship you a new case, at no cost to you, if that happens. We will do that.  Even if it happens more than once. 

If you ever have a problem with an order, please contact me, Mo Johnson, directly using our Contact Us page. 

Thanks for choosing Better Display Cases. Give us a shot and odds are you'll become a lifetime customer!

For more information on what makes our display cases better, click here! 

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