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bdc helping fight coronovirus pandemic, Helping fight COVID-19 -

Hope everyone is doing ok despite the Coronovirus pandemic we are living through. Certainly unprecedented and trying times. But it's also a time when new opportunities to help pop up all around us. For instance, we got a call from a surgeon who needs a display case like the one in the attached picture to use during surgery to protect the surgical team from infection if the patient coughs during surgery. Interesting opportunity and we are working on that case now.We are also using our supply chain contacts to help doctors and hospitals find PPE like N95 facemasks. In fact...

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football helmet display -

Football helmet display cases are one of our original and most important display cases. The reason is probably that football is far and away the #1 spectator sport in America. In this video Mo talks about how important football (the Redskins) were to him growing up and a bit about how much the sport means. Which, of course, rolls right into why you should buy a display case from us for your football helmet to help display your football story. You'll see from the images that our Full Size Football Helmet display cases are the best around. And, it's not...

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Chili Cook-Off, Easter, Flower display cases, Green Bay Packers, lacrosse helmet, March 2020 BDC Update, Mother’s Day -

Whadda Ya mean you’re sold out?!?: We haven’t gotten a newsletter out since October as we have been so busy with orders! We saw a 70% increase in sales during the holiday season of November and December, much larger than our expected increase of 25%! We thought things would taper off after the start of the New Year, but we were wrong--sales have stayed high (at least until this week when the Corona virus seems to have finally had an impact). Obviously, this is great news, BUT it has resulted in us selling out of some of more popular items....

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basketball display cases -

Check out this video showing the beautiful and unique basketball display cases we offer. We are the industry leader in providing the most options (types of cases, wall mounts, base material and riser colors). Our synthetic wood base is particularly awesome for a basketball display case. As a bonus, Mo explains why Elvin Hayes is his favorite all-time basketball player. Thanks!

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scapula sticks display case, sculpture display case -

I find myself rushing in life. Whether it's the commute on I-95, a trip to the grocery store, or even a meal I find myself looking ahead for my next task in life with no break in between. And while this rushing might pay the bills, I find no joy in this modern lifestyle. Whenever I get the chance, I try to focus less on charging my phone battery and recharge my own battery by hiking. Connecting with Mother Nature instead of connecting to the internet. Watching the birds instead of Netflix. Stopping at a creek to soak my feet...

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display case for Chiefs Kingdom memorabilia, super bowl 2020, Super Bowl win -

Wow, what a great comeback and win for the Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV (54th). It had been exactly 50 years since KC won their last one so it was time. And with Patrick Mahomes at the helm, the future looks very bright for the Chiefs Kingdom. If you have some Chiefs memorabilia you want to showcase -- we've got the perfect display case for it. You can see in the video and this graphic: that we have red, gold and yellow risers that you can choose from based on your preference. We also have clear, black, white or turf bases. And mirror backs or...

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November 2019 BDC Update -

What's new and happening at Better Display Cases! This will be short and sweet! We are entering the busy holiday season and want to encourage our customers to beat the rush -- and save money by purchasing your display case or wall mount gifts now. By doing this, several good things will happen: You will ensure the product you want is in stock. You will get a jump on your holiday shopping. If (heaven forbid) your item is damaged in shipping, we will have plenty of time to send a replacement. You will save money. How will you save money you ask? Simple....

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MLB Washington Nationals -

e're nearing the end of October, and it's the time of the year when superstitions abound. I'm not talking about ghost, ghouls, and goblins, and the rest of the trappings associated with All Hallows' Eve. No, I'm discussing those REALLY IMPORTANT superstitions: those associated with sports, but more specifically, those that have come up while me and mine have been watching (or not watching as we'll get to in a moment) the ashington Nationals make their run through the playoffs. The one who is suffering the most is my poor daughter; she hasn't been able to watch any of the...

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masculinity, mental toughness, physical toughness, Rugby -

There's been a lot of discussion about masculinity over the last couple of years and I don't want to get too deep into this issue, but testosterone and/or the urge to compete against others physically and mentally needs venue to be released. And that's why there's rugby. Becky, with The Belmont Shore Rugby Club out in California, recently ordered our A004 Rugby Ball display case. They got it to display their "Leather Balls" award given to the toughest player on the team as voted by the players, not the coaches. This year they changed it from a simple standard trophy...

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October 2019 BDC Update -

We're expanding into the GREAT WHITE NORTH: Amazon has been trying to get us to sell in their international markets. We have been trying to figure out how we could do that; breakage and taxes, fees, and licenses have been the snag. Well, Mo thinks he's got it figured out and we are selling on Amazon CANADA! This is big as we have had to turn away our friends in The Great White North previously. And it looks like we will be selling our cases soon in Mexico, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We have been anticipating this by...

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