Over the years we have received many requests for custom display cases and generally we've not been able to do them.  However, we are now starting to do custom display cases.  There are three problems you should know about before you order:

1.  It costs about twice as much for a custom case as it does for a comparable "off the shelf" case. 

2.  It takes about three months for us to fabricate, receive and ship a custom case to you.  If it is damaged in shipping we can refund you or have another made (which would take another 3 months). 

3.  We cannot ship anything over 5,000 cubic inches (about 24" x 15" x 15").  However, we can have it made and you are welcome to pick it up at our warehouse in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.  Hey, you've been planning a trip to the beach anyway, right?  Just pick it up then :)    

If you would like a quote for a custom case, please contact us and let us know the size you need and whether you would like it to be a slide back case, like our doll cases, or a regular case where the top sits on the base.   If you can send a link to a similar case we carry that would be helpful.    

In addition to custom display cases we also can customize your "off the shelf" display case.   If you watched this video:


you know that we offer hundreds of variations of each display case. But, we actually can do custom variations even beyond those. For instance, we can mix the colors of the risers like you can see in the below images of a Kansas City Chiefs Football Display Case.

Custom Display Cases
Custom Display Cases

How awesome is that? All 3 of the Chiefs colors on display (white, red and yellow-gold). That's a GREAT display case to tell the story of the Chiefs 2020 Super Bowl victory.

We can also customize bases.  This customer wanted a black bottom base piece with a turf platform.  No problem.  Here's a picture -- that's a sweet ball commemorating the USA vs England 2022 World Cup Game (0-0 tie). 

So, if you would like to do something unique like that, just contact us and let us know.

We'd love to help you display YOUR story!