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My favorite sports season is kicking off. Spring training is officially under way and the two big names, Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, have both (finally) signed contracts, Machado with the San Diego Padres and Harper with the Philadelphia Phillies. After a lull in my sports activity with the end of the College Football season (okay, I still watched the Super Bowl), not being into basketball unless I'm filling out a bracket, and the NHL playoffs not happening until May/June it's time to pay attention to the sports world. That's right the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues are starting up as it's time for Spring Training!

We have a variety of items to help you display your baseball memorabilia: bats, balls, gloves, hats, helmets, and trading cards, we got something for each of them.

For your signed baseball bat or to display the bat that was a walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth on Opening Day (yes, I'm talking to you, Ryan Zimmerman), we have five options: a table top display, two wall mount variations: horizontal or vertical, a horizontal wall mount for a Baseball bat display tube, and a ball/bat combination wall mount.

Table top baseball bat display holder baseball bat wall mount bracket baseball bat wall mount bracket
Baseball bat display tube wall mount Baseball bat and ball wall mount bracket

A056 is our Table Top Baseball Bat display. It's perfect for putting that prized bat on a shelf behind your desk. For a vertical wall mount display use our A052. This is also a great way to store the bat you're using. Mount this on the wall next to the door or wherever you keep your sports equipment so it's easy to find and doesn't get banged up rolling around the garage. If you have multiple bats, you can get multiple holders; at less than 5" across, you can fit quite a few on your wall. And it will easily fit under the A039 basketball shelf you have on your wall that your using to store your basketball (see my article on our basketball display cases or watch the video at the 11:30 mark. Better yet watch the whole video). For horizontal wall mounts, we have the A023. There are several variations of the A023; the first is the standard A023-B- LS, which means the one bracket has a 2.875" opening (L) to hold the barrel of the bat and one bracket has a 1.125" opening (S) to hold the handle. If you have a protective tube holding the bat, then you want the A023-BBT-LL as which has the two of the large opening brackets.

Baseball home plate wall mount bracket

But then we had to figure out what to do with the two small opening brackets. Answer: turns out they're just the right size for wall mounting your Home Plate and we sell that as the A023-HP-SS.

Customer comments about the A023:

Easy to put up and looks great! Acrylic is thick and well made... Great product for the money

Loved this product. Was looking for a way to display an autographed bat in a limited amount of space. Worked out perfectly.

Lastly we have the Baseball and Bat Combo, A054. This is an excellent way to display a bat and ball together. Whether it's to display your athlete's end of the Little League season equipment, end of a high school or college career, or some other memorable event, you can't go wrong with a bat and ball combination.

Now if you want to display a ball by itself, we have four options available for you. The first is a 4" cube that fits over the turf bottom, the A057-TB. A nice, simple design that will sit nicely on a desk or shelf and as one of customers noted:

Great looking displays for my collectable baseballs
Baseball or tennis ball display case with turf floor

But maybe you don't have room on your desk. Then you need a wall mount option-and we have three of those. All of our floating shelves come with screws and the A065 shelves are designed so they can be used together if you have more than six balls to display.

Clear acrylic baseball wall mounted floating shelf bracket
The A034 is for a single ball, that once in a lifetime ball or a ball that has special significance-a bottom of the ninth walk-off homerun ball
Clear acrylic 3 baseball wall mounted floating shelf bracket 
The A065 holds three balls. As you start collecting those foul balls that are hit to you as you sit along the first or third base line.
Clear acrylic 6 baseball wall mounted floating shelf bracket 
The A065-A holds six balls. Perfect as you start to expand your collection of balls. Just keep adding more shelves as your collection grow

As important as balls are, they're much easier to catch with a glove, and we have display cases for those as well. Our A004 comes in variety of options. Pictured below with customer comments about our A004 case is the traditional black acrylic and the turf, both available with any riser color.

Clear baseball glove display case 

Clear case with black base and black risers. Notice how the risers blend in and keep the glove the highlight of the piece.

I have purchased a total of five display cases from Better Display Cases. The quality cannot be beat. The styling is great and materials used are far superior to anything else I have seen. I errored in my initial ordering and contacted Mo the owner. He truly went above and beyond for me, making sure I was completely satisfied with every aspect of the product and service. I would recommend this company and products without hesitation.
Baseball glove display case with mirror and turf base 

Mirrored case with double turf and white risers. The turf is great for the glove as it suggests the baseball diamond and adds to the overall "baseballness" of the display

The artificial turf on the base is perfect for any "autograph ball" from your favorite team: NCAA or NFL. Happy to support a veteran owned business, too.

The display case arrived quickly and in perfect condition. It was extremely well packed. Would definitely buy from this website again!

Baseball glove display case with clear base
This is the new clear base. I REALLY like the elegant look it has with the gold risers and makes the mitt look like it's floating on air.

The A004 will fit a regular mitt, but catcher's mitts are larger and won't fit into this case. They do fit into the A011. Originally designed for boxing gloves, Mo was quick to realize that it worked quite well for the oversized mitt catcher's use.

But the most iconic piece of baseball gear has to be the cap. Other sports have even taken to using it, even if it's just for promotional purposes. You see folks walking around with baseball hats that have NFL, NBA, and NHL team logos on them; business and cities use them to promote business or tourism. And we have a display case for your cap, the A006. Like so many of our other cases, there's a bunch of different combinations/options available. We even have wood bases available if your baseball hat is actually a basketball hat. I'm partial to the double turf rather than the black acrylic as it gives an outdoor sports feel for the display. The first two customer reviews also talk about our customer service. Sometimes are best reviews come after we made a mistake...


Great customer service!
I ordered 2 of the baseball hat display cases from Mo, it came 2 days after i ordered them but only one was delivered. I sent a message to Mo and he apologized for the mistake and sent the 2nd one with no problem. I will be ordering again in the near future, This company has the best customer service I have ever experienced. Loved the product and the prompt service, keep up the great work!!!

acrylic baseball cap display case image from customer Acrylic baseball cap display case image from customer

I purchased two of these cases to display my kids' Cubs baseball caps with Ben Zobrist's autograph on them. This was exactly what I had been looking for. Great quality and a unique item with the turf bottom. Would definitely purchase again!

Clear acrylic baseball cap display case with risers and turf base 
A006, clear case with double turf base and red risers.

And the clear bases will be in soon. All the bases are available with any colored riser, so you can match the riser to the color of the hat. The color of the riser can have a big impact on the overall appeal of the display as seen above. Wall mount versions are available with all the bases as well.

But pitchers are prone to put one in your ear which is why there are batting helmets. And since it's a piece of equipment, we have a display case for it, the A012, available in clear or mirrored versions. At the moment we have it in the black acrylic, but turf is coming soon. If it's a catcher's helmet, you want the A002, available in clear or mirrored AND it DOES have the turf base available. Both cases are wall mountable.

Baseball batting helmet display case
Great display case! Perfect for full sized helmets!

And if you ever had a kid in Little League ball, you get their trading card and the question becomes" What do I do with this?" You don't want to get rid of it so it winds up in a drawer somewhere. Not anymore. You order our A032, the Trading Card Display Stand. It will protect your memories and allow you to see both sides of the card. You get one for each year that they played and before you know it, your mantle is a baseball shrine, with all of the trading cards and balls you're showing off as the proud parent of a major Little Leaguer.


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