The Man Cave: A Cave's Purpose <br><sub>(not starring Denis Quaid, even if he's highly likable)

By Sean Meiers

What is the purpose of the Man Cave? Wives/significant others often ask this question. Okay, their actual question is "What the hell do you need a Man Cave for?" but it amounts to the same thing. In an earlier blog I mentioned that I had an epiphany that ALL guys are geeks; we just geek out over different things

And that's the purpose of the Man Cave. The Man Cave is a guy's temple to his geek gods. The Man Cave defines us to the world. When folks come over to see your Man Cave they get a glimpse into your soul, into who you really are. (Hint: guys, make sure you have at least ONE picture of your wife and kids; it'll keep you out of trouble if on the off chance your wife reads this blog). How you display your items is as important as what your items are; the display is a reflection of you as much as the items are. If your Joe Thiesman signed Washington Redskin helmet is just sitting on an ugly metal shelf you just aren't showing it the proper respect (no comment from Dallas Cowboy fans, please).

A002 Clear Gold-Risers Turf Base Football Helmet Display Case

How the Man Cave looks when a visitor enters determines the amount of reverence they must have as they enter. Think of that signed helmet as the tablets from Moses and our A002 display case as the ark that contains the tablets, except that you can see through ours and your face won't melt off when you take the top off.

Face melt from raiders of the lost ark

And that's where we come in. We have high quality acrylic display cases that come with an assortment of bottoms—black acrylic, turf, and synthetic wood—with a variety of colors for the risers—black, blue, gold, orange, red, silver, and white—that allow you to personalize your temple. And we cater to a wide range of sports: baseball, basketball, football, hockey, lacrosse, motocross, and volleyball to name a few. Our cases and shelves can also be used for displaying a variety of different memorabilia and collectibles.

Be bold and make a statement with your displays. And the better your Man Cave looks, the less grief your wife/significant other can give you. Plus, you'll enjoy the time spent in your Cave more when it looks sharp. If nothing else remember this from today's blog:

If you want your Man Cave to look better, get a Better Display Case!


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