Uncle Joe's Football Takeaways: Week Eleven | Presented By: Better Display Cases
  • Kyler Murray tries to recreate last week's magic in the final seconds of the game...and instead gets sacked on 4th & 10. Womp womp.

  • As if being in the AFC North basement wasn't bad enough, Cincinnati loses their #1 draft pick Joe Burrow to a knee injury. With Cincinnati's weak offense, nobody should be surprised that this would happen considering Burrow was getting more hits than Ray Rice's girlfriend.

  • Stop it, Eagles! I know you're supposed to be a bad team, but you're not allowed to make the Browns look good! Your motto is "Fly Eagles Fly" not "Let's Watch Kareem Hunt fly over our defense for a touchdown!" Now you've got Eagles fans petitioning to fire Carson Wentz and calling him the worst quarterback in NFL history! The craziest part of it all is that Eagles are somehow still on track to win the division!

  • Daddy Snyder has found a new winning strategy: Just injure the other team's quarterback to win the game. If Steelers fans aren't sweating beads now, they will be in 2 weeks.

  • Ravens know a thing or two about losing to the Titans. What they're not used to is being 3rd place in the division below Cleveland. Will the Ravens get carved up for Thanksgiving? We'll find out!


  • Kirk Cousins outmatched by Andy Dalton? I believe it. This is 2020 after all. Six days prior, he beat the Bears for his first Monday night win to fumbling the ball and now he's helping the Cowboys break a 4-game losing streak. How nice of him.

  • Oh man...Tua...what happened? Coach Flores benched you against the Broncos and brought in Fitztragic to finish off a loss against the Broncos? There's a soft whisper descending through the Florida humidity...like Citizen Kane on his deathbed...."Draft bust..."

  • The Falcons have apparently passed the baton of blowing leads to the Green Bay Packers. At least they can still dominate the NFC North. It's not like Nick Foles is going to lead the Bears out of hibernation anytime soon.

  • The Jets have officially been eliminated from playoff contention. You could say the Jets have been...grounded! On the bright side, Boeing is now considering a sponsorship by offering a free 737 Max for the team plane.

  • Raiders...you disappointed me. You were supposed to work your magic against the Chiefs again. And what happened? Your defense forgot to cover Travis Kelce and Derek Carr threw a game-ending interception. Now the Steelers appear to be the only thing standing between Mahomes and another Lombardi.

  • Tom Brady threw two beautiful passes...right into the hands of the Rams defense...not to mention the hilarious moment when he threw two forward passes in the same play. Folks, this is why the Buccs will continue to hold steady at second place in the NFC South.



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