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A not-so long time ago, in a galaxy...well, this galaxy...a customer of Better Display Cases sent a photo of they chose to display their lightsaber in a display case. The lightsaber, most commonly favored weapon of the Jedi, is one of pop culture’s most well recognized props from a movie franchise. 

Lightsaber in a display case

Introduced to the world in 1977, Star Wars A New Hope gave the world characters, quotes and moments that would never be forgotten. Sewing itself into the very fabric of pop culture itself. The roots of the Star Wars franchise have only grown deeper throughout the decades as more and more younger generations become indoctrinated into Star Wars lore. Needless to say, out of the many things that came from the franchise, the lightsaber is by far one of the most highly memorable.

Lightsaber Better Display Cases

Since the beginning of the franchise, fans have wanted to have their own personal lightsaber, tailored to their specific preferences. They go about ways to achieve this as to build their own, ordering custom built ones online, customizing toy sabers, even 3D printing their own. The latest method to acquire your own personalized saber comes from the Disney theme park, Galaxy’s Edge. One of the things guests can do is pay for the experience of building your very own lightsaber, which is how this lightsaber came about.

lightsaber display

Our friend, Hunter, had a lightsaber built at Galaxy’s Edge, and then 3D printed a stand for his lightsaber. But that wasn’t enough, a lightsaber of this caliber required more than a display stand. So he ordered a MEDIUM ACRYLIC DISPLAY CASE 17"X6"X7" W/ CLEAR OR MIRROR, WHITE OR BLACK FLOOR A019/V46, or in other words, a Lightsaber Display Case.

Lightsaber Display Case With White Base

The clear acrylic of the case does not obstruct any view of the lightsaber inside, but a mirror case is an available option as well. If you're curious to read more on the benefits of an acrylic case, Click Here. The white base provides a nice contrast to the silver and black on the lightsaber hilt. However, if a white base is not your preference, we do also offer black, clear and turf. A base with risers is an available option as well if the no risers base is not your preference.

Lightsaber Display

Whether you are a Jedi or a Sith, all can display their lightsaber the proper way, and that is in a display case by Better Display Cases.


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