Uncle Joe's Football Takeaways: Week Twelve | Presented By: Better Display Cases
  • Many things have changed in 2020, but one thing that hasn't changed is the Detroit Lions losing on Thanksgiving. I'm glad they kept the tradition alive!


  • Earlier this season, Washington tried to kill Andy Dalton. On Thanksgiving, they carved him up like a turkey. Daddy Snyder hasn't been this happy on Thanksgiving since that one time in college when he found an extra can of beer under the driver's seat of his '78 Pinto.


  • The San Francisco 49ers take a day trip to Los Angeles only to come back and find out they've been evicted and have to go live with their weird cousins in Arizona. In other words, the typical experience of those who have lived in San Francisco.


  • Two snaps? TWO SNAPS? You send Jalen Hurts in for two snaps and then put Carson Wentz back in the game to get sacked? That's a good way to piss off Philadelphia sports fans. Pretty sure they're about ready to put Doug Peterson on a makeshift raft and send him floating down the Delaware River never to be seen again. Lions fans probably would've thought of a similar plan with Matt Patricia but unfortunately they were too busy trying to kidnap their governor.


  • No, your eyes are not deceiving you...it is now the New York Giants who sit atop the NFC East after Washington babysat the top of the division for a couple of days. This division has more lead changes than a NASCAR race!


  • Nobody should have to witness such senseless violence on television: Making the Denver Broncos play without a quarterback against one of the best teams in the NFC? Shameful! The league better be careful before Tipper Gore decides that NFL games need parental guidance ratings.


  • This is a friendly reminder that the Chicago Bears could've picked Patrick Mahomes as their quarterback but instead selected Mitch Trubisky. They have so much faith in Trubisky finishing out the season strong that they've turned Nick Foles into a $12 million benchwarmer.


  • I can say with full-throated confidence that "Wednesday Afternoon Football" is something absolutely nobody will miss when this year is over.


  • The Steelers almost losing to the Ravens practice squad & a third string quarterback at home is the most Pittsburgh Steelers thing to happen all season.


  • 'Tis the season for Baltimore fans to blame the refs for losing. Quoth the Ravens: "Delay Of Game"

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