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In this video you'll hear the voice of our fantastic image creator and videographer extraordinaire. He'll talk about the many great display case options we offer for all sorts of footwear -- from basketball hightops to turf cleats. If you can't see the video; here is a transcript of it.

Hi, Bob here from Better Display Cases to talk to you about our footwear display cases.

Whether you have a pair of running shoes from your first marathon or a great collectible pair of basketball kicks signed by your favorite player, Better Display Cases has a case for you. Don't just put your collectible footwear on a shelf to collect dust or at the bottom of a dingy closet only to be seen once every year during spring cleaning. Put them on display and make them a talk piece for family and friends.

When the owner and founder, Mo Johnson, first started Better Display Cases there weren't many choices for quality footwear display cases. We started with a basic case for basketball shoes with a simulated wood floor. Our customers loved the wood floor option because it brought a courtside appearance to their display. Then we added a turf floor case for a grassy field feel for those that have prized cleats to display.

These cases were great, and still are, for a nice clean display that you won't move around, but we figured we need to be better. What if someone wanted to present someone else with a piece of memorabilia? The single floor options wouldn't cut it. So, we added new bases with risers and platforms, and unlike other display case companies that only carry gold or silver risers made of plastic; we have eleven different colored metal risers to choose from.

Not only do we have the original black, gold, and silver risers, we also have red, white, blue, pink, yellow, orange, green, and purple; Plenty of color choices to match your display or home décor.

And for the bases? Not only do we carry the basic black base you may see everywhere else, we also added the turf and simulated wood to them as well. And to top it off we also carry a white or clear base for a sleek and clean look you're your display. Team that up with the clear, mirror and wall mounted version of the cases that gives you 792 different ways to customize your case. Soon we'll be adding a mirrored base with a clear top platform so you can view your collectible from all angles.

It comes down to your unique situation. Your team colors, the color of the footwear, the room color you'll be displaying it in, the shelf it'll be on. It all depends on you and how you want to display your story

Better Display Cases offers the most options of any display case manufacturer, and if you contact us, we can further customize your case. For example turf base with a clear platform or two different color risers. The options are endless. So, I'm sure you can find just what you're looking for.

Our customers are our greatest asset when it comes to case design and we're always looking to get better. So contact us and let us know what you think or if you have other ideas. We'd love to hear from you and help you display your story.

Thanks for watching (and reading) and have a great day.


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