Mini Football Helmet Display Case

In this video you'll hear the voice of our fantastic image creator and videographer extraordinaire. He'll talk about the many great display case options we offer for Mini Football Helmet. If you can't see the video; here is a transcript of it.

Hi, Bob here from Better Display Cases to talk to you about our mini-football helmet display cases (and miniature baseball, batting or hockey helmets). Keep in mind these cases are for mini collectable football helmets and not the full size football helmet cases that Better Display Cases also sells.

You have fervently supported your favorite team since you were young, but now you have the nostalgic mini helmet of your team sitting in a drawer or a closet. Maybe it's in your mother's attic back home packed with a box of old toys. Its collecting dust. Silverfish and beetles and other attic creatures are crawling all over it. A mouse has made a cozy nest inside of it from your ripped up comics and baseball cards. That neglected mini-football helmet, along with the nostalgic memories it brings, will fade in time if kept in the darkness of forgotten items. It would be even worse if it was signed by your favorite player and haphazardly sold off at a yard sale during a spring cleaning day.

Don't let your nostalgic items and memories fade away. Put them on display and make them a talk piece for family and friends. This is what a display case is for, and Better Display Cases has what you need. Bring back the memories of the great games you've seen. Bring back the memory of when you met your favorite player and they signed your mini helmet.

When the owner and founder, Mo Johnson, first started Better Display Cases he had one thing in mind and that is to help the world display their story.

Better Display Cases has more options for cases, bases, and colored metal riser options than any other display cases company. Whether you want a single black sheet for a base or a two-tiered turf base with the same colored risers of your favorite team, we have a case for you. We also offer mirrored and wall-mounted cases for that extra special look.

Most companies offer only a couple of options for their display cases. Not Better Display Cases. We offer clear and mirrored cases, 8 different base or floor options, and not only do we offer the original black, gold, and silver risers, we also have red, white, blue, pink, yellow, orange, green, and purple; Plenty of color choices to match your display or home décor.

All of that together gives you 792 different ways to customize your case. Soon we'll be adding a mirrored base with a clear top platform so you can view your collectible from all angles.

It comes down to your unique situation. Your team colors, the colors of your team, the room color you'll be displaying it in, the shelf it'll be on. It all depends on you and how you want to display your story. It's time to get those nostalgic memories out of the basement. Even if you just put the case on a desk in your room, at least your memento is protected. Your items could also be worth a lot of money in the future. Protect your investment!

If you contact us, we can further customize your case. For example, how about a turf base with a clear platform, maybe even two different color risers to match all your team's colors. The options are endless. So, I'm sure you can find just what you're looking for.

Our customers are our greatest asset when it comes to case design and we're always looking to get better. So contact us and let us know what you think or if you have other ideas. We'd love to hear from you and help you display your story.

Thanks for watching, and have a great day.


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