BDC Just Named #1 Acrylic Baseball Bat Holder!

At least as far as this Wiki is concerned.

In April 2020, announced our horizontal Baseball Bat Wall Mount is the top acrylic baseball / softball bat holder (can also hold other things like Cricket or Lacrosse sticks). Check it out here!

No #1 Acrylic Baseball Bat Holder

Why did they rank our wall mount so highly?

  1. Crystal clear acrylic.
  2. Silver screws included for wall mounting. Silver is better than black for blending into a light wall background - like a white wall.
  3. Thicker acrylic than most bat holders.
  4. Cut outs to hold bat at neck and barrel are designed so that bat and mounts will be level.
  5. Great price!

Our philosophy is the same with our wall mounts as with our display cases. We want to display your story, not ours. This product is no different. Simple, reasonably priced, and accentuates the bat it is holding. This horizontal wall mount is perfect for signed bats of all sorts - baseball or softball; wood or metal from T-ball to MLB.

And if you want a vertical version, we have those too! We even have a combination of a baseball bat and ball holder.

Vertical Baseball Bat Holder

Vertical Bat and Baseball Holder

We are very proud to see our products high up on lists like these. And it's all thanks to our loyal customers like you, posting reviews and pictures on Facebook. The best ideas honestly come from customers, and it is a pleasure to serve you.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you!

Acrylic baseball bat wall mountNo #1 baseball bat holderNo #1 baseball bat wall mountNo 1 acrylic baseball bat holder

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