Here is how to put risers on a non-riser case: The easy way!

How to Install Risers on a Non-Riser Display Case

Many of our customers are wondering how they can make the most out of the display cases they buy from us. Well, the basic thing to do is put in the items you love and make them last! However, some people want to maximize the look of each display and we don’t blame them.

One particular customer from California wanted to display a Zuni Warrior Doll from the 1975 ABC TV Movie, "Trilogy of Terror." We do understand how valuable it is and why Frank wanted to install a riser to give it a better platform for display, so we created this tutorial on how to put risers on a non-riser display case.

Put risers on a non-riser case - Zuni Warrior Doll Display Case

More details

To have a better understanding of what we are trying to do, you need to have some context. Frank, the customer, bought an A102 Doll Display Case with a Mirror Back from Better Cases. But unfortunately, these types of display cases do not come with a platform or risers. So instead of buying a case with a platform, you can install a platform yourself-- be like Frank! He is so resourceful and good at improvising. But lucky for you, we will show you how he pulled it off, so you will know how if you want to do it too!

How did Frank do it?

Frank wanted his display case with a black acrylic platform and large silver risers, so we sent him the silver risers with the caps he needed, and he did the rest.

So based on what he did, here are the steps to install risers on a non-riser display case:

Step one: Create a customized platform from a 1/4" black plexiglass. Cut the plexiglass to fit inside the case and drill four 5/16" holes in each corner of the platform to connect the risers.

Step two: Connect the risers to the platform using the 5/16" bolts and then fasten with the silver Chrome Caps. Place the entire assembled platform inside the case. There is no need to drill any holes into the case, as the platform will just sit inside..

Step three: The silver chrome cap nut that we included in the package is threaded for 5/16 bolts. Depending on which risers you chose, you can choose between the 1" or 1-1/4" bolts. In Frank’s case for his Zuni Warrior Doll Display Case, he used the longer options-- but it is completely up to you depending on what you want to elevate inside the slide back case.

Step four: Display your valued possession inside the doll display case, and show it off to your friends.

Learning how to create your own platform inside our display cases is easy, and we will send you the materials you need. Just let us know, and we will assist you with every step of the way!


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