Display Case with Autographed Shoes by the NBA Trickshotter

Shoes made to last forever

Material things may not matter to some people, but the memories and the sentimental value is what matters most. Our basketball shoe display case not only showcases shoes, but they also keep them in a safe environment, from dust, dirt, and even sound-- making any basketball shoe last forever, including these autographed Jon Brokman Jordans!

Autographed Shoes by the NBA Trickshotter

Who is Jon Brockman?

If you don’t know who the legendary John Brockman is, then you should check out  these bloopers and amazing trickshots. Jon Brockman is an NBA player who might have a short-lived career, but there is more to him than pro basketball.

He was born on March 20, 1987, standing at 6’7” tall, and went to the University of Washington. He got his shot at the NBA when he was drafted by the Kings in 2009 as the 38th overall 2nd round pick, and later on got traded to play forward for the Milwaukee Bucks the following year. He lasted 2 seasons with the bucks and got traded to the Houston Rockets, but after the 2012 season-- he retired and went to his hometown to coach at Snohomish High.

You are probably wondering, what makes his autographed shoes so special if he hardly ever made a mark playing for the NBA?

Well, aside from his trick shots-- the Seattle Times says that Jon Brockman was born to rebound.

What are these cases for?

Whether you own a pair of Jon Brockman autographed kicks or a pair of J’s autographed by the Air Man himself, these cases work as excellent display cases that preserve the memory for generations.

These cases make excellent basketball shoe display cases, but that is not all. If you have a man cave or just love to put your prized possessions on display, there is nothing more protective than our display case. And we have many satisfied customers to prove it.

Insider info

We care for customer satisfaction, but because of unforeseen circumstances, we can’t always deliver on time, and that is what led us to donate an identical case to a charity in Seattle.

Here is how it goes: Kim from Seattle experienced a shipping delay on her case order, but because we don’t want to let Kim down, we shipped her a new case. But later on, she received the first case and ended up with two.

Instead of asking her to send it back, we just had her give it to charity. The charity runs Christian-based youth camps that hold auctions each year to raise money-- and this display case will definitely be useful for their cause.

We don’t like to brag, but customer satisfaction and, of course, helping the community is what truly drives us to continue making high-quality cases and more-- so make sure you check our website and YouTube channel to learn more!

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