Better Display Diorama Display Cases for your Valuables

What are Diorama Display Cases?

Diorama Display Cases are an excellent way to display your most valued possessions. It doesn’t only showcase how well you present your things, but it also preserves them and makes them last for generations.

What makes our cases excellent?

  • They are made with high-quality materials and come to your doorstep fully assembled
  • It comes with a black and white acrylic base for elegant and sleek displays
  • It comes with a free microfiber cloth to make sure the displays are clear
  • It comes with a mirrored back to see your display’s fuller appearance
  • It comes with clear sides to allow your memorabilia to be seen from different angles
  • And finally, these high-quality display cases are handcrafted with polished edges and maximum UV protection

David’s Story

David is one of our satisfied customers who maximized the use of our Diorama Display Cases, which is why we want to share this story with you.

David makes stunning Diorama Displays. He started the hobby in November 2020 and one of his first works was the nativity scene. He always wanted to own a nativity scene, so he decided to use one of our cases to make it. From one display case to 14 display cases so far, and that is an achievement to be proud of.

He researched different techniques for painting and making the bases, and started by buying ready-made materials for his first few projects. But to save money, he started to learn how to make platforms from scratch.

The best thing about his passion is that he does not do it for the money. It is his love for creating art that drives him to create different diorama displays and is continuing to learn different techniques-- although frankly, he is quite the pro already.

He has made different scenes and displays using our Diorama Cases, and here are some of David’s best ones:

Summer Concert in the Park Diorama

Covered Bridge Diorama

 Dragon Stone Mountain Diorama

 Fishing Day Diorama

Diorama Display

Bigfoot in Winter Diorama

Forest Stream Diorama

Goat and Bear Dioramas

Canoe Diorama

Nude Beach Diorama

Ukrainian House Diorama

My Backyard Diorama

Romanian Rural Farm Diorama

Nativity Scene Diorama

What Diorama Displays Can You Make?

David gets his inspirations from backpacking and hiking, so even if you don’t have memorabilia to display, you can create your own and use our cases to show them off or even make money out of it.


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