Christmas is Coming

Christmas Will Be Here Before We Know It!

It's been two months since I wrote a newsletter so figured I should. I know you all are refreshing your emails every day eagerly hoping to hear from us. Ha, ha :)

I don't really have any special announcements or anything. Things are going well and we are settling in after our big move to North Carolina. If you wonder why we moved -- the picture above is of our back yard and that view is a big part of why we moved. So beautiful, every day. Even at night, the stars are amazing. We are right on the Calabash River and the kayaking and wildlife are spectacular.

As for display cases, we are fortunate to still have most of our products in stock. However, it seems nearly every day that something goes out of stock. Often it is a particular base or riser color or something like that. We have a large shipment on the way with many of those bases, risers and cases. But it won't arrive until mid december (plan on late december).

So, if you need a display case or wall mount for Christmas -- please don't wait. It may well go out of stock.

Oh, we are looking to hire a photographer/writer/social media person. So, if you know anyone like that looking for a job who want's to move to the beach -- let me know!

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and for your support of our business. Please spread the word about the best little display case company around!


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