April 2019 Update From Better Display Cases

IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW: The Purple and Green risers have arrived!! They are available even if they are not listed yet. If you would like to have them with your case, order it with white risers and included a note to tell us to change the color. Or better yet give us a call; we would love to talk to you. Unfortunately, you can't be the first to order the Purple risers-that honor goes to Renee Steinweiss—but no one has ordered the Green risers yet! BE THE FIRST! And I can confirm that Yellow and Pink risers will definitely be coming soon: the prototypes have been approved by Mo!

Multi Risers Color image of Better Display Cases

Baseball or Tennis Ball Display Case with Turf Floor

ITEM! We have two new blogs up this week. The first is Sean's blog on all things baseball that we have here at Better Display Cases. The other is the first part of the (almost) Rainbow Coalition where Sean starts his discussion on our colored risers! Part 2 is due in the next couple of weeks.

A053-A flower display case with drawer

ITEM! We got an order for over 200 (!) of our A053-A flower display case with drawer from the Beth Israel Congregation in Miami Beach for their charity event. They were a big hit as you can see what a great job they did in putting things together. We are looking into adding a twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four flower cases sometime in the next few months.

ITEM! Mo has made some 60 second clips about some of the features we have on our products. The video below is for the one about our TURF bases. We are the only display company that offers Turf bases. Check Mo out!


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