The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports

It's that time of the year, the first weekend of May when we get THE MOST EXCITING TWO MINUTES IN SPORTS. No, we're not talking playoffs in hockey or basketball or any other sport. Those can be boring until the LAST two minutes and you have to watch at least 58 minutes of game time to sit through to get to that point, and even then there is no guarantee that the final two minutes are going to have been worth sitting through the other 58 minutes [or worse yet a period and a half of overtime and then your team LOSES game 7. To paraphrase John Belushi in Animal House "30 minutes of my life wasted." Even the squirrels are upset with the Capitals] No, I'm talking about the RUN FOR THE ROSES!

That's right, ladies get your hats, gents grab your blazers, mint juleps for everyone and place your bets, it's time for the KENTUCKY DERBY, the first jewel of Triple Crown [Thank goodness Thanos didn't need those gems!]. And believe it or not we have display cases for your Kentucky Derby memorabilia. First up, the Souvenir Glasses!

The souvenir glasses started in 1938 and those early glasses are quite valuable now. Even if you don't have one that's particularly valuable, you still want to display it proudly, especially of you make it to the race itself. Or you can make it part of a give away at your Kentucky Derby party for whoever picks the winner. You can check out this short two-minute video on the glasses:

You can get this year's glasses here:{wt-static_graphic}{pt-home}{al-Banner3_spot}{KD}{ct-Mint_Julep_Glasses}{4.24.19} Now the best way to display these glasses [after they've washed since you've been drinking mint juleps in them] would be our I was going to have a nice photo to include here with the two Kentucky Derby glasses I got one year from someone who attended the race, but it seems we went through our glassware and they were donate to the church yard sale because we didn't have room for all the glasses we had. Fortunately, they weren't from the '30 or ‘40s so I didn't give away a fortune.

Kentucky is known for more than just the Derby, it's also known for its bourbon. In fact Woodford Reserve is sponsoring the Kentucky Derby. And of course, the drink that the Kentucky Derby is known for is the Mint Julep. If you're going to watch the race and are 21 or older you should be sipping a mint julep during the pre-race show and during the race.

And the Kentucky derby is a special event which means there is a commemorative bottle for the event. This year Woodford Reserve had Kentucky (where else would he be from?) artist Keith Anderson create an original painting for its bottle of Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Once you've used that bottle to make mint juleps for you and several of your closest friends and it's now empty what are you going to do with it?

Wall Mount Bottle Display Case (A051)

The Monon Bell commemorative bottle [see The Bell of the (Foot)Ball]  was put it in one of our A017 cases. This one has different dimension and needs to go in our A051 case. Different bottles need different cases.

Now a special event requires not only a special drink, but a special glass to drink it in. That's why there are these Kentucky Derby Baccarat crystal glasses. After dropping $550.00 dollars [like I have THAT kind of money, but if some kind-hearted soul wanted to purchase these for me in appreciation of my hard work in writing these blogs I wouldn't object] You definitely want to display them properly. I would recommend either our A078 or the A085. A085 will let you display them all in a line, where the A078 you would have to offset the glasses in two rows. Both cases would be the horizontal version.

Kentucky Derby Baccarat crystal glasses

So when you set up your Kentucky Derby viewing party, you'll probably hit the on-line store for party supplies like napkins, glasses, table covers, etc.[{wt-static_graphic}{pt-home}{al-a_spot}{KD}{ct-Party_Supplies}{4.16.19} ] . This is all fine and good, but you're missing something: ROSES.

Flower Display Case (A053)

I mean it is the Run for the Roses, so you need roses on display. And there is no better way to do that than with our A053 cases. It comes in two variations, one with the nice drawer on the bottom and one without the drawer. You can fit nine roses in each case and they'll make great party favors for your guest to take home after the race. And gents, if you're ready to bend the knee then the drawer is a great place to keep a ring!

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