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A Better Display Case made it on Shark Tank!
A Better Display Case made it on Shark Tank! Check out our Facebook post.

Named wrong. Should be BEST DISPLAY CASES! Review by DaveD

Nice review by one of our great customers!

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Well made, well structured, high quality materials, ideal for my display needs.
By Gary D. Palmacci

Product was great. nice weight and construction

Very nice case. Helmet looks great inside. Thanks
By henry s.

Thanking you and your terrific staff for making the Best Cases around. I have them displayed right when people come through my front door. I lost count of the compliments. Everybody just goes right to them, from family, friends to the guys putting in my new central air conditioning. They have seen items on display, but putting them into your cases brings them to a whole new museum style look that I could not get anywhere else. You know the risers with the gold and the mirror and the uv acrylic just complete each piece in a very unique way.
By Holly C.
Chiefland, FL

Perfect. Excellent Customer Service. Would Buy Again!!

I have been hesitant to buy a display case for a while now. I wanted to make a display of my wedding memorabilia, but I needed an odd size that wasn't available at my local Michael's or Hobby Lobby. The cost alone made me a little uneasy because I know how fragile they can be. After searching for what seemed like forever, I came across Better Display Cases. The price was fair, but what really attracted me to it was their guarantee on damaged items. I got my package in what seemed like thirty layers of protection and sure enough, a damaged piece. I contacted the company through email on a late Friday night and got a reply in only a few short hours! It was simple, quick, and I got a replacement in a short time at no extra cost to me. The quality is great, the product is beautiful, the cost is fair, and the customer service was excellent. I would not only buy again but I would also recommend it to anyone who is interested!

Display Cases

If you consider yourself to be a sports fanatic, whether it be baseball, football, hockey, or any one of the other team sports that play on televisions and hearts around the nation, then I'm sure you have a few favorite pieces of gear or memorabilia to commemorate the team, game, or player you love. Better Display Cases is here to help make your prized possessions shine and tell their story. Regardless of the item you want to show off, we have a case for you; whether it is in our regular stock or custom made.

Baseball Cases

Baseball, America's game, synonymous to me with hot dogs and cold drinks on a hot summers day. Anyone who has been to a baseball game has hoped they would come home with a game ball they had caught in the stands. From a lowly foul ball to a grand slam home run, everyone wants to leave the game with something special to remember it by. Maybe you are one of the lucky few that got to catch a stray ball, and now you need some way to show it off. And you want to show off the hat you were wearing when you caught it, the glove you caught it with, a bat signed by the player that hit it, and a model of the stadium the game was played in. Whatever you want to display - we have a display case or wall mount for it.

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Football Cases

If there is one thing football fans are famous for, it is team pride. You want to let the world know that your team is the best team, and you are their biggest fan. Of course, that fanaticism isn't limited to the NFL. From little league to college ball, we will help you show off your gear. We have cases specifically made to display autographed footballs, helmets, cleats and many kinds of football memorabilia so anyone who sees your mancave will know exactly who you are rooting for on game day.

For more information about football cases, please click here.

Basketball Cases

Back in high school, you scored the championship winning, buzzer beating, half-court shot that made you the hero of your whole school. The rest of your team signed the ball and gave it to you to commemorate your amazing, last second three pointer. That ball could sit in a dusty box in your basement, never to see the light of day. Or, you could set it in one of our beautiful display cases (some include a synthetic wood base) so you, and anyone who knows the story, will always remember your heroic moment. Maybe you have a different story, but no matter what it is, Better Display Cases can help you tell it.

For more information about basketball cases, please click here.

Soccer Cases

There is evidence that early forms of soccer were played as far back as 220 BC and that long history comes alive in every ball used to play the game. If you are a soccer player, or a fan of the game, then you have a part in that long, cherished history, and we can help you show off the part you play in it with one of our high-quality display cases. We carry models designed to put your gear on a pedestal and show off how important it is, and cases with turf bottoms so your soccer ball or cleat looks like it never left the field.

Better Display Cases also offers display cases for other sports like NASCAR, golf, motorcycle racing, etc.

Why Should You Keep Your Memorabilia in a Display Case?

  1. Protect what's important to you - Keeping your prized gear in a display case will protect it from possible damage caused finger prints, direct light, spills, dust, or objects hurled across the house by kids.
  2. Makes your gear shine - Storing your memorabilia in a display case will keep it looking new far longer than it would sitting out, open to the elements.
  3. Show off your story - If you want to draw someone's eye to a particular collectible, putting it in a display case will draw attention to it and make it look like a priceless artifact in a museum.
  4. Distinctive display - Nothing makes one important piece of a collection stand out more than giving it its own personal display case.

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Why Buy From Better Display Cases?

  1. High quality acrylic - We use ultra-durable, ultra-clear acrylic to make sure your gear is protected
  2. Wide range of cases - We are constantly developing new cases to add to our expansive list of models. Chances are we can be your one stop shop for all your display case needs - and they will all match!
  3. UV protection - Our cases help keep harmful UV rays from damaging your memorabilia.
  4. Dedicated customer service - We are devoted to helping you display your story, and we do everything in our power to make sure you are taken care of post-purchase so you know we have your back.
  5. It's in the name - At Better Display Cases our focus is to bring people new, easy, and exciting ways to tell their stories. No one is as devoted to that as we are.

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