Whether you have memories you’ve made yourself or ones that have been passed down through your family, each one is worth sharing and storing safely. Too often, our prized possessions and treasured memorabilia are stored in small, worn-out boxes in the back of an attic or basement. This not only leads to potentially damaged items but also special stories being forgotten about.

Each piece you own has a story to tell — stories that bring back good memories and make us smile. What your memories need is something to be put in. Something that will provide protection from damage caused by dust, spills, fingerprints, light, or simply something falling on top of them. Mostly, they need something that will make them stand out as the most important item in the room. Something that will put them on display so they can tell their story.

That’s where owning a hand-crafted quality display case comes in.

Why You Should Choose An Acrylic Display Case

When choosing a display case, it’s important to choose one made of acrylic instead of glass. Why? Because acrylic display cases are better and clearer than glass, which means a more professional and non-distorted view of the object on display. Plus, acrylic is a safer and stronger material so you can be sure that your case won’t shatter or be damaged easily.

Acrylic display cases add perceived value to whatever is on display and draw attention all while keeping your memorabilia safe. Learn more about finding the perfect display case by visiting finding the right case or downloading our e-book on How To Choose The Right Display Case.

It’s important to invest in a high-quality display case that will last, which is what we at Better Display Cases deliver. From sports memorabilia to family heirlooms, we offer a display case for every story. Read more about what makes Better Display Cases best and browse our collection of over 7,000 cases today!

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