Quality matters when it comes to display cases. That's why we're Better Display Cases.

Everyone knows that quality matters in pretty much everything. But, especially with display cases. Why? Because poor quality is obvious in a display case since it attracts so much attention. Poor quality will distract from the display of your memorabilia. Better Display Cases are top quality for a number of reasons:

First, they are hand-crafted from high quality, crystal clear, acrylic. Our acrylic is virgin cast acrylic which is better than extruded acrylic because it has greater clarity and is harder and thus scratches less easily.  [Note, there is a downside to using cast acrylic which is that we have to accept more thickness tolerance.  But that's our problem -- not yours!]   Please note that while our acrylic provides some UV protection, it is not "museum quality UV acrylic."   You can read more about that issue at our cases and UV protection.

Injection mold vs cast acrylic sheet display case

Second, they are made of thick acrylic which makes them sturdy and attractive. Even our bases are often thicker than usual. We do this for cases that will hold heavier objects like football helmets or even bowling balls. For our larger cases we add extra support in the middle of the base and also extra rubber feet. We do all of this to prevent the base from sagging when holding heavier objects.

Third, as much as possible we try to bend the acrylic rather than glue it. So, for instance the front and top are always made from one piece and bent at the top. This means less seams and less glue. That makes the case look smoother, clearer – better!

Fourth, polishing. We polish the edges and bases to make them gleam.

Fifth, rubber feet to protect from scratching your table or shelf.

Sixth, inspection.  None of this matters unless each case is inspected prior to shipping to verify all of this has been done.  

Seventh, quality packaging is also essential to increase the odds your display case arrives undamaged. We use the best packaging available.

Eighth, quality customer service is essential to make sure your experience is outstanding – even if something goes wrong.

Want to learn more about what makes our display cases better? Click here.

handmade cases vs molds

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