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Base For Your Display Case

At Better Display Cases, we are committed to bringing you the highest-quality displays so you can share the stories most important to you. We offer a variety of customizable bases, stands, and cases that you can use to show off your memories in a protective and sophisticated way. Whether you are looking to share the first baseball you caught, or an antique passed down through your family, Better Display Cases is here to help make your display dreams a reality!

Sports Display Cases

Sports are an important part of many peoples’ lives. For all your sports-related memories, choose a display case that will allow you to share that moment with others. Whether you have balls, gloves, helmets, or something else, Better Display Cases has what you need for a long-lasting and stylish display. The best part about our selection of sports display cases is the variety of sizes and styles you can choose from to find the perfect fit for the memorabilia. No matter the sport, from football and baseball to motocross and bowling, all of your sports memories are worth a high-quality display. Browse our selection of cases, stands, and more.

Keep your memorabilia in a display case

Hobby And Collectible Display Cases

Showcase your favorite hobbies and collectibles with a premium display case. You can display figurines, model airplanes, and more in our wide selection of stylish and durable cases. Find the perfect fit in size, color, and display method so you can share your love of a particular hobby or collectible with those in your life!

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Customizable Cases

Stories come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. The display case you choose to display your memories should come the same way. We don’t make custom display cases. However, for the many different size cases we carry we offer customization options unlike any other display case company! We offer twelve different color options for memorabilia risers and six different type of bases. You can also choose from clear or mirrored case backings; even wall mounts based on the style you want for your display. Find exactly what you’re looking for in size and display style no matter the type of case you need.

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Customizable Display Cases

Why Better Display Cases Is Best

As a veteran-owned and family-operated business, Better Display Cases understands the importance of excellent customer service and long-lasting memorabilia displays. Helping you share the stories you care about with the people you care about has been our specialty since 2014.

No matter the size of the memory you want to display, from balls and rings to helmets and t-shirts, we offer a display case that will allow you to do just that. With over 10,000 case options and industry-leading customization, we do it best. Your happiness is our guarantee, and if there are any issues with an order you receive from us, please contact us here so we can ensure you get exactly what you need. “We want to help you display your story” is not just our tagline, but what we strive for each day. Display your story in a case from Better Display Cases now.

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What Makes Us Better - Better Display Cases

Football Helmet Display Case

Display and protect what's meant to protect your head!

- Offered in Mirror or Clear back

- Black, White, Clear and Turf bases available

- Riser color options include: Gold, Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Green, White, Orange, Yellow, Purple and Pink



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