Two display cases sit side by side for the purpose of comparison. One of the cases is a mirror display case, the other is a clear display case. The text reads "Mirror Vs. Clear"

Most of our cases have the option of being a fully clear case or having a mirrored back. So the first question to answer when selecting the perfect display case is, “Do I want a mirror back or clear back?” You might think it’s a personal preference—and to a certain degree it is—but there are advantages and disadvantages to each option.

Our handcrafted clear cases offer a great view of the item you’re displaying from any angle. Whether it’s sitting on a kitchen counter top or placed on an office desk, you have a crystal-clear view from anywhere. The disadvantage of the clear case is that you can see all the way through it to whatever is in the background, and that may detract from your display. But if there isn’t anything of note on the back of the displayed item, the reflection (from a mirror) can be more distracting than seeing what is behind the case.

Mirror cases are a fantastic solution for seeing all sides of the displayed item when placed on a shelf, wall mounted or you just don’t have the room to walk around your item. If you have a ball that’s signed on every side, you want the world to see all of it! If the case is clear and is against a wall or a bookcase, it makes it difficult to see all those signatures. With a mirrored case, you’ll be able to showcase everything in all its glory!  This is why mostly all of our wall mount cases only offer the mirror back option.  Though, if you contact us we can customize your order and send you a clear case with a wall mount.

Note that we have recently added a mirror base option (for some of our products) as well. And it’s designed with a clear platform so that you can even see the reflection of the bottom of your memorabilia – in the base. Cool!

So, Mirror vs Clear?  Depends on the situation.  Ultimately it's your choice.  Let us know if you have any questions.