After you decide between clear or mirrored, the next step is to give your “story” a platform. Your case is a stage, your treasure is the star of the show, and your base is its scenery. To help personalize your story, we offer a variety of bases, made of the same acrylic as our cases, in our own unique designs that create a look that nobody else on the market offers. Let’s explore your options!

Black Bases for display casesBlack bases create a dark contrast that will make any bright object stand out. (Notice that you can see the Patriot’s logo on the back of the helmet in the mirror). Black risers “disappear” with black bases and create an appearance of levitation that draws your attention to you displayed item. And in the images above, you can see how the red risers complement the showcased helmets.

White bases for display casesWhite bases offer the opposite benefits of black bases. Here the white base creates a frame for the dark book and acts as a highlight to the book. The base is a double sheet of acrylic; the top portion or the case sits around the upper layer of acrylic— which keeps the top from sliding off—and rests on the lower layer. And just like the black risers on our black base, the white risers “disappear” with a white base. All our cases come with the white option, a Better Display Case (BDC) exclusive! 

Clear bases for display cases

Clear bases give the item on display a “floating on air” appearance. This is an excellent option for really making the item on display the focus of attention and letting the display case itself fade into the background. Even the red risers seem to be an afterthought and help make the red in the helmet pop. Again, the clear base is a BDC exclusive item!

Turf Bases for display cases

Turf bases bring the field into your home! This is an excellent choice in displaying football, soccer, and baseball items, especially if they are game worn or game used. The turf brings a sense of action and movement to the item being displayed. Green risers will virtually disappear when used with the turf, keeping your display the focus of attention. Did you notice the football is standing vertically with no extra parts? Other cases don’t offer this naturally vertical look. The turf is another BDC exclusive!

Wood Bases for display cases

Next up is our simulated Wood base. Made of vinyl, the wood-court pattern (yet another BDC exclusive option!) isn’t limited to basketball items. Use it to showcase your bowling ball in the lane, a volleyball from the gym, or maybe a tool.

Mirror Base Display Case for Volleyball

Finally, our latest base option is a Mirror base. It’s designed with a clear platform and mirror base so that even the very bottom of your memorabilia can be displayed and seen.

 Floors for display cases

If you don’t want a base with risers, we also offer all our cases with black, white, turf and synthetic wood floors. Sometimes simple is better, but keep in mind the turf and wood floor cases are best left stationary as the base does not attach to the case. The case simply sits over the floor.  All the floor ball cases come with a clear acrylic ring to hold your ball in place.  The video below shows the difference between our base options: 

But wait, there's more!  We now offer some cases with red, blue, and green double-sheet bases.  Check out our:

Model Cars in display cases featuring red, green, and blue double sheets.

Base, Back or Wall Mount Assembly Instructions

Base, Back or Wall Mount Assembly Instructions
Base, Back or Wall Mount Assembly Instructions