Uncle Joe's Football Takeaways: Week Seventeen | Presented By: Better Display Cases

Uncle Joe’s Football Takeaways Week 17


  • The Cleveland Browns beat Mason Rudolph & the Steelers practice squad to finally head to the playoffs for the first time since 2002. Browns fans don’t know what to do with themselves seeing their team play football in January.


  • The Buffalo Bills come down to Miami to murder the Dolphins in a 56-26 win that denied the Dolphins a playoff spot despite having a 10-6 record. Ouch.


  • What is it with teams from New York inventing new ways to catch & recover footballs with their butts? Butt fumble…butt interception….and now butt fumble recovery? When will this madness end?


  • The Tennessee Titans managed to win the AFC South with a doink that made it through the uprights. The heart of every Bears fan skipped a beat watching that play live.


  • The Arizona Cardinals got a taste of what playing without Larry Fitzgerald looks like. Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty. They’re screwed when he retires.


  • It’s good to know that fantasy football fans can count on Justin Herbert to post good numbers in Week 17. It’s about all Justin seems to be good for as of right now.


  • Damn, Doug Pederson…you managed to become the most hated man in Philadelphia and New York! The fact that you’ve managed leave Lincoln Financial Field without get tarred & feathered this season is an absolute miracle.


  • Congratulations to the Washington Football Team for making the playoffs with a 7-9 record. You’ve made Daddy Snyder very proud. Each player will be rewarded with a microwaved hot dog…as a treat. 😉

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