Funko Pops On Display

Funko Pops have become quite the collector’s phenomenon in the past few years, and as collections continue to grow the question of how to display these Pop figures comes to mind.

There are several options of course:

Many utilize bookshelves that they already own, which is a decent low-end solution that provides a sturdy place to put your figurines. However, the one drawback is that your collection might not stand out as much, and unless you have good lighting, your figurines might be obscured by harsh shadows from the shelves above them.

Some people have found a solution to this by investing in large glass shelves, particularly from that one popular Swedish company that we are not allowed to mention by name for legal reasons. The problem is that while these glass shelves are relatively inexpensive, you get what you pay for as these glass shelves have a notorious reputation for randomly exploding, causing glass to shatter all over your figurines as well as endangering small children & pets. You can find examples of these horror stories here, here, and here. Yikes!


A better alternative is acrylic display cases which are made of high quality, crystal clear acrylic that will showcase your Pop figures in all the splendor they deserve. Acrylic has several advantages compared to glass, which you can learn about here. Thankfully, Better Display Cases makes several display cases that are perfect for displaying your Pop figurines.

Now the most important question when it comes to finding the right display case: Are you displaying your Funko Pops in box or out of box? Most Funko Pop collectors looking for display cases are typically displaying their Funk Pops outside of the box, so that they can enjoy all the visual aesthetics of their figurines while still having the protection of a display case. In which case (pun intended), our 5.5 x 5.5 x 9.5 display case will fit your Funko Pops perfectly. You can choose between clear, mirror, white or black backs with the option for wall mount brackets on the back.

Two Funko Pop figures, including Patrick from SpongeBob are featured in a Funko Pop Display Case from Better Display Cases





This same display case was recently featured in a video by our good friend BeardOfPOP! on YouTube. You can watch that video here.

YouTuber BeardOfPOP!









Our 8-inch display cubes are also a good choice, particularly for more square figurines like this Funko TARDIS. You can also choose between mirror or clear backs, with the option of a black, white, or even a turf base.  

A Funko TARDIS is featured inside an A059 8" Display Cube from Better Display Cases





However, if you are one of those more dedicated Funko Pop collectors who wants their Pop figurines in the box and in a display case, you would likely need our 9.75" display case or our 10" display case, which will accommodate the dimensions of the box. The cool thing about this is that these display cases come with risers, which come in many different colors to match your figurine:

A Funko TARDIS (in box) featured inside a A028 10-inch display cube from Better Display Cases with pink risers





If you’re looking for a simpler way to display your Funko Pops that’s a bit more cost-effective, our floating shelves are also a good option:

A Max Scherzer POP figure is seen sitting on an A083 5-inch x 5-inch x 3-inch floating acrylic shelf from Better Display Cases.





So no matter what kind of Funko POP collector you are, Better Display Cases has everything you need to put your collection on display!

TLDR? Watch Our Funko Pop Video On YouTube:

Funko Pop Display Case from Better Display Cases YouTube Video


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