The LEGO Moon Landing Display Case
LEGO Brand Retail

A few months ago, we got a photo from a long time customer, Jeff Peterson. Jeff specializes in custom LEGO scenes that he puts in display cases. In this instance, he designed and constructed a small scene from the Apollo moon landing in LEGO.

Based off the events of July 1969, where astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped foot on the moon, the very first humans to ever do so; this historic event was recreated in this MOC LEGO design.

On the back wall of the display case, designed it to look like a photo wall of LEGO astronauts and images of the moon. Other images were actually built in LEGO like the famous first image of the Earth from outer space and an image of the footprint planted by Neil Armstrong. 

The display case is designed to protect your collectible LEGO builds in one of our beautiful, high-quality, display cases. These cases are constructed of 1/8" crystal clear, durable, high clarity acrylic. Not cheap plastic. The front and top of the case are made from one piece of acrylic, giving an aesthetically pleasing rollover appearance with fewer seams. The black base compliments the heavy use of grey as this build represents a scene in space. The clear acrylic provides an unobstructed view of the contents from all sides.

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