Reimagining How You Display - The Mirror Base (with Clear Platform)

Have you ever wanted to display something and show off every angle? I'm talking the front, back, sides, AND bottom. Better Display Cases has the perfect option for you; something no other display case company offers.

Now, with most of our cases, you will be able to show off every inch of your memorabilia/item with our latest evolution; a mirrored base paired with a clear platform.  A big "thank you" to Ken from the Tyrone Malone Fan Page for encouraging us to do this!

These bases are brand new so it will take time to take the pictures and create the listings. So, if you don't find what you are looking for, just send us a message as we may have it in stock.


Here is why this new base is so evolutionary (revolutionary?)

When was the last time you were able to find a case that allowed you to display something and see every single angle of your item? Well, you probably have not had much luck in finding one... until now! This new base works great with both clear and mirrored cases. The new design allows for the bottom of your item to be seen. With the clear platform and risers (with your choice from one of the 12 colors we offer) it gives your items just enough lift so that the bottom can be seen through the mirrored base. As seen in the customer provided video attached, the shoes that are on display are Christian Louboutin's. A signature feature about that brand is the red bottom on their shoes. In order to show them off, our customer purchased mirrored bases with clear platforms and it speaks for itself!

Display Tips

For those who are looking to display something in an area where people can walk around and see your item from every angle, we recommend a clear case paired with the mirror base. You get all of the side angles and now you have the option to see the bottom as well. For those who may need to display your items in a corner or against a wall, we recommend a mirrored case paired with the new base. That way you can still see every angle on your beloved memorabilia.

Keep in mind though that our mirrored cases/bases tend to sell out quickly. So when we do have them in stock, make sure to go ahead and get your mirrored base so you can show off your valuables in the best way possible... with a Better Display Case! And when you do, share it with us!

Here's a couple pictures of different cases with the mirror base. Just click on the picture to find where you can purchase one!

Tyrone Malone Kenworth Truck Display - The Mirror Base (with Clear Platform)
Acrylic Soccer Ball Display Case

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