Better Display Case Shelves

A large part of our business is based on our cases and all of the different options that we offer. We also carry an assortment of other items that don't receive quite as much attention as our more popular products like our helmet, ball, or shoe displays.

Shelves are great for holding a vast assortment of items and we carry a variety of shelves that may fit your needs. While we have previously posted a blog about why you may need a shelf or wall mount, this one is a little refresher and it focuses on the different shelves that we offer.

Floating Shelves

Better Display Case Floating Shelves
Better Display Case Acrylic Floating Shelves

Our floating shelves are an amazing way to help declutter space and make use of an empty wall in your home. Whether you are looking for a place to put something as simple as hand sanitizer or something as cool as an old trophy that holds a great deal of value, shelves are fantastic for helping your space feel a little tidier and look good at the same time. Some of our customers have even gotten a little creative and found a way to use our shelves to hold their Sonos speakers. With our teardrop screw hole design, you could potentially run the speaker cord through the larger part of the hole. Although it is not ideal, it has been done and there are many more ways you could get creative with our shelves and share it with us so that we can spread the word to others!

Our shelves can be purchased in a variety of sizes. You also have the choice of a clear acrylic shelf or a black acrylic shelf.

You can shop our floating shelves here.

Sports Ball Shelves

In addition to our regular floating shelves, we also offer sports ball shelves!

Acrylic Sports Ball Shelves

Most of the time people want a case for their signed sports balls, but not everybody has the space or cash to get a case. Well, our shelves are a great solution! Your ball will now have a home on the shelf, it will look great, and you will have saved space.

No matter the type of ball you have, Better Display Cases has a shelf for you. These are unique because our shelves have a cut-out for each ball so that it will fit on the shelf perfectly. Additionally, we offer a select variety of shelves with multiple cut-outs if you have multiple balls you want to display. We offer a three-hole shelf and a six-hole shelf for baseballs, cricket balls, and golf balls.

Acrylic Sports Ball Shelves - Golf Balls
Acrylic Sports Ball Shelves - Baseballs, Cricket Balls

Our sports ball shelves only come in clear acrylic, but nevertheless, your items will look great displayed on our high-quality, acrylic shelves!

You can shop our sports ball shelves here

Also keep an eye out as we are currently working on creating a new separate division of our company called "Wall Org". It will become the home of all of our shelving products.



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