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Kim Zaklan recently sent us a message on Facebook to share how she is using our Acrylic Hat or Cap Display Case.

As you can see, Kim has displayed her nurse graduation cap. The cap on display was worn for the pinning ceremony, a special graduation ceremony exclusively for nursing students.  

The nursing cap is part of the traditional female nurse’s uniform, intended to keep the nurse’s hair up and out of her face while she was caring for patients. While at the same time, male nurses do not wear caps. The history of the nurse’s cap reaches all the way back to the 1800s with Florence Nightingale. The nursing cap symbolizes the goal of the nurse, which is to provide “service to those in need.” The nursing cap is considered to be one of the universal symbols of nursing, so to see one protected from dirt, dust and grime in one of our display cases is a great sight to see.

Kim recommended us, stating, “Thank you for helping find the perfect display case for my Nurse Graduation Cap . Customer service was outstanding. And thank you all for serving our country. We love to support veterans & their business.”

The Acrylic Hat or Cap Display Case is perfect for this nursing graduation cap. The clear acrylic provides a crisp, unobstructed visual of the cap inside. The mirror back allows the backside of the cap to be viewed as well as not letting what is behind the case act as a background. This also creates a more satisfying image to the eye. The clear base and white risers match with the cap’s natural colors and does not distract from it in any way. At Better Display Cases, we believe that the item on display, and the story that item tells, should be the focus, not the display case itself, and we are very glad to see when one of our cases can do that for your story.



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