BeardofPOP! Displays a FunkoPop in our Display Case!

Recently, we reached out to a content creator on YouTube by the name of BeardofPOP! This channel is best known for unboxing and reviewing Funko Pops. BeardofPOP! has a passion for collecting, so naturally he is the exact type of influencer any brand should consider themself extremely lucky to work with...fortunately for us, we got to be that lucky brand! 

We sent out one of our Small Acrylic Mirror Table Top cases as it is a great fit for Funko Pops as demonstrated here with this Kranky from Super Plastic. 


He was very happy with the clearness of the acrylic, the mirror back which allows you to see the details on the back of the pops as well. He was a big fan that the case can be placed on its side, which allows you to place even more Funko Pops in the case, he demonstrated this with three Iron Man Funko Pops.

To get some background, we asked about what got him into collecting, he said, "I would wander around the mall at lunch and would see them and sometimes would grab one to put on my desk, and I would open and toss box out had no clue one day be worth so much money. My daughter then started to get them for me, and that was the beginning." We asked about what got him onto YouTube platform and he said, "Started with four subs, Mom, Wife, Daughter, & Dad on 7-23-2019. After my daughter left for college and sent me a spastic pops father's day mystery box. That I told my wife,  I wanted to shoot a video as I watch on YouTube, I already had the equipment, and my wife works with adobe, so we already had the infrastructure to do it. After that, it exploded and became a project for my wife and me to try to get to the point where she could handle it full time for us."

The Small Acrylic Mirror Table Top comes with a variety of options, which include a mirror, clear, black or white back. There is the option for a table top case or one with a wall mount. This is the perfect case to best display your story, but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what BeardofPOP! had to say about the display case.

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Here's a video showing other ways to display your Funko Pop's:



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