Model Plane Display Cases

We have a lot of great model airplane collectors In the community that loves to collect airplane models and showcase them. Also, protect their most beloved collectible. We have a couple of people in this blog post that gave us some awesome pictures of their model planes with our display cases.

This customer has a 1/32 scale model plane that fits in our 12 X 12 X 6 Display case.

Displaying 1/32-scale models

Dan L.
” These cases are ideal for displaying 1/32-scale models and protecting them from dust.”

Our customer here Don H builds a lot of model airplanes and is a photographer and it was a great idea to display his airplane in our model airplane display cases.

Model airplane display cases

Don H
“Like me, you’re crazy enough to put hundreds of hours into building a scale model, you want to protect and enjoy it when you’re done. In my photography business, I’ve done a lot of work with museums. I know what a proper display case looks like. And I have a sense of what it costs to have one fabricated. I bought a cheap case online and thank God for Amazon’s free return policy. I knew exactly what I wanted, but there’s a limit to my crazy. I wasn’t going to have one built. And then I stumbled on They had exactly what I wanted, the A030BDS, on their shelf, and at a very fair price for their museum-quality product. Their packaging is as impressive as Apple’s. The box within a box, and internal foam corners, delivered me a pristine display case.”

In this picture we 2 airplane display cases of Thomas’s 2 airplanes the Grumman F9F Panther, and the Vought F4U 1A Corsair aircraft. (Using 12 X 12 X 6 / Clear, Black Base Display Case.) 

12 X 12 X 6 Clear, Black Base Model Plane Display Case

Thomas S - “Great service. Love the display case”

This Customer and his dad are both air force veterans and loved that they purchased from a veteran-owned company. He and his dad worked on a model of a bomber he crewed in Korea which is awesome.

Model Plane Display Cases

“Exactly what I was looking for. My Dad and I are both Air Force veterans, so purchasing from a veteran-owned company is important to us. He and I worked on a model of the bomber he crewed in Korea. It took us two years to get this unusual variant just right. I wanted a solidly built display case to protect it. This case arrived in perfect shape, and I think the plastic actually enhances the colors. I'm very happy with this product and have since purchased another one for the plane he flew after the war.”



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