Displaying Your Favorite Baseball Memories

After a long off-season, America’s favorite sport is back — it’s time for baseball!

The 2022 Baseball Lockout

Memories that involve baseball are some of the best, which is why we hate to see the off-season extended by lockouts and strikes. This season, there was a lockout meaning the end of a 26-year streak of peaceful transition from one season to another.

The MLBPA and The League were in contention over issues with free agency rules, the luxury tax, salary arbitration, competitive integrity, minimum salary, and service-time manipulation. Lasting from the beginning of December until March 10th, 2022, this MLB lockout ended in a newly signed CBA and the resolution of player issues. Finally, after delaying the season-opening, baseball is set to return without issue for all 162 games on April 7th. Play ball!

Comerica Park in Detroit - Displaying Your Favorite Baseball Memories
Thanks to Jake Novak for this image of Comerica Park in Detroit!

A History Of MLB Lockouts

This isn’t the first time the season has been thrown off-kilter due to a lockout. In fact, the first MLB lockout was in 1972 in the form of a player strike. In the middle of the season, players refused to dress over issues including player pensions and salary arbitration. A total of 86 games were canceled and never made up over the refusal of the league to negotiate with player demands. Luckily this time around, a full season of our favorite sport was not interrupted!

Baseball Memories For All

Whether it’s the first sporting event you went to with your dad or the sport you’ve played since you were four, every special moment deserves to be on display. That’s why Better Display Cases has committed to offering the perfect display case for baseballs, mitts, and more to help you share your story for years to come.

Keep reading for more about the display cases we have to offer so you can remember and share your memories with others!

Display Cases For Baseballs

From the first ball you hit to the last, or that game-winning home run you caught, each baseball holds a special memory of the game you love. Put yours on display with the Acrylic Baseball Display Case. This display case is made from thick, long-lasting acrylic that will prevent damage and deterioration of the baseball. Choose from a mirrored or clear case design and pick the type of base you want the case to have. This will create a more personalized display for your special memories.

Display Cases For Baseball Caps

Whether your favorite team is the Yankees, Red Sox, Nationals, or one of the other 27 teams in the league, you probably have a baseball cap that holds significance in your life. After all, who doesn’t love a good baseball cap?

Our Acrylic Baseball Cap Display Case is the best one on the market. This case will safely and beautifully house your beloved baseball cap no matter where you have it on display. You can choose the riser and base colors you want to match the baseball cap and you get to choose whether it has a clear or mirrored back for effect. Affordable, durable, and classic — it’s the best choice!

Display Cases For Other Memorable Baseball Moments

For the memories that don’t fit into a baseball or cap box, select a display case that is designed to hold every other piece of memorabilia that reminds you of your favorite baseball moment.

Maybe it's a display case that can hold your child’s first baseball glove. The Acrylic Baseball Glove Display Case is the perfect choice to display such a special memento. This sturdy case comes with customization options for the base, risers, and type of case you want. This way, you’ll be able to tailor the display to your exact liking. Also, you get to choose whether your case will be mounted on the wall or not. These are display case options you just won’t find anywhere else!

Or maybe it’s a display case that holds the trophy you won during your final season. You can order the Versatile Acrylic Display Case to showcase the special trophy either on a tabletop or by mounting it on a wall. Choose from a clear, solid, or mirrored back and many different size options to find the perfect fit. Or, if you want your trophy out in the open, we offer a Pedestal Stand.

Better Display Cases Does It Best

No matter what memories from baseball you love that you want to be able to share with the ones you love, Better Display Cases has the perfect solution. The memories you share involving sporting events are meaningful and deserve to be displayed proudly and safely.

You can be sure that any of the display cases you choose are made with care using the finest materials to provide you with a long-lasting display. Plus, the customization options are nearly endless. You can choose the base color, background, riser color, and more to recreate the memory’s scene.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best display case options. And when you can’t find exactly what you need, we’re more than happy to work with you when you contact us. Browse our display case selections today to make your memories come to life!


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