Make Your Memorabilia Stand Out with a Display Case

Make Your Memorabilia Stand Out with a Display Case

We all own things we treasure.  Items that bring back good memories and make us smile.  Each piece has a story to tell.    

Too often these wonderful pieces of memorabilia are stored away in closed boxes, dark closets, hot attics, or damp basements. There they sit, decomposing, and rarely if ever enjoyed, until eventually thrown away. How sadly common this problem is.

What these special objects need is something to put them in. Something that will provide protection from damage caused by dust, spills, fingerprints, light or simply something falling on top of them. 

Mostly they need something that will make them pop and stand out. Something that will put them on display so they can tell their story. 

Acrylic display cases do all this and more.

"Put a hat on a shelf (or worse in a box) and no one will notice it.
Put that same hat in a display case and suddenly everyone wants to know it's story!"

Sports Memorabilia Display

I’ve been to many sports memorabilia shows. Often, my table will be next to someone selling baseball caps, football helmets, autographed basketballs - whatever. There are usually hundreds of such tables at shows like that and thousands of people will walk on by, usually not even stopping to look.  At some point during the show, my neighbor sometimes asks if he can borrow (or buy) one of our display cases to display one of his items in. It never fails to amaze (both he and I) how suddenly people will stop and take a look at what’s in the display case. Small crowds sometimes form. 


Well, the display case draws the eye to the item. It adds perceived value to whatever’s on display. People want to know what the story is of the item that is receiving that special treatment.  

Quality display cases are literally “show-stoppers” for your memorabilia. 

OK, so you know you need a display case or maybe two.  But, why should you buy your display case from Better Display Cases? Click this link to find out


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