All-Star Quality Display Cases for Your Basketball Memories

With the NBA Playoffs in full swing, you’re probably being reminded of all of your favorite basketball memories. From scoring your first basket to late nights on the court with your friends, basketball memories each have their own special story.

NBA Playoffs History

Since the first bracket in 1946, the NBA Playoffs have come a long way. During the 1947 playoffs, there were only six teams that made it, representing the best of each conference. Ever since then, the League has made changes to the bracket to include an additional ten teams. Starting in 1983, the 16-team bracket that we see today began, which has created a longer, more exciting tournament.

Every buzzer-beater, upset, and victory celebration has led to one season after another of unforgettable NBA memories. Some of your favorite players like Adam Silver, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and more have had the games of their careers during the NBA Playoffs — and if this season is like all of the rest, we’re in for an exhilarating finale!

Keep reading to find out why Better Display Cases is the best choice for displaying your basketball memorabilia.

Display Cases For Basketballs

Whether you have a signed basketball from your favorite player or a game-winning ball from your own season, order our Acrylic Full-Size Basketball Display Case. This display case is durably made of acrylic plastic for a long-lasting and professional-looking display.

The best part about this display case is the customization options we offer. You can choose either a clear or mirrored back based on your style preferences and then choose from several base and risers color options. This level of customization will allow you to create a scene you can be proud to share!

Basketball Shoes Display Cases

For displaying your basketball shoes, we offer several different display case sizes. Choose the 15.25” x 12” x 9” Basketball Shoe Pair Display Case to show off a pair of basketball shoes that hold special value. This display case can be designed with a clear or mirrored back that you can choose based on your style preferences.

From there, you can customize the type of base, riser colors, and mounting type you want for your case. We offer these customization options to ensure the way you display your story is exactly what you want. If the size is too big or too small, we offer other sizes in our basketball display case collection you can choose from.

Display Cases For Every Basketball Memory

You probably have other basketball-related memorabilia you want to showcase, which is why we offer several other basketball display cases you can order.

Order the Trophy Pedestal Stand to display your award proudly. Choose from the pedestal stand or the base with risers based on the display style you want. Plus, you can pick the exact size you need and the color base and risers you want your trophy stand to feature!

To show support for your favorite team, choose the Acrylic Basketball Hat Or Cap Display Case. This case is durably made and will hold a full-size hat. Select the type of base, risers, and display method that is best for your style, and watch your display gain attention!

Better Display Cases Does It Best

No matter the reason you fell in love with basketball, each memory you have deserves to be shared. At Better Display Cases, we are dedicated to creating the best hand-crafted display cases you can use to showcase your basketballs, trophies, and more.

We offer over 7,000 display cases that are each durably constructed from acrylic with attention to every detail. We use the finest materials so you can be sure that you will have a long-lasting display.

It’s simple: we provide the best display case options. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we’re more than happy to work with you if you contact us here. Browse our display case selections today to make your stories come to life!


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