We may not have known what they were, but we have all seen Japanese Wooden Kokeshi dolls. Heck, the characters in the popular Japanese video game series – LittleBigPlanet -- are similar.   

Japanese wooden Kokeshi dolls display shelf

A big thanks to one of our customers (Anne) for sharing her collection with us and giving us a chance to help her display them with our A083 5" x 5" shelves. She collected Japanese Wooden Dolls, also named Kokeshi, for 20 years. She has over 100 of them. Wow, now that’s a collection!

Even better, each one holds special memories because it was given to her by someone as a token of their gratitude to her. You see, Anne worked in Japan at a hotel for almost 40 years, and Japanese tourists and returning guests would give her the Kokeshi as a gift. She bought our shelves to showcase the dolls on the wall.

Japanese Wooden Dolls named Kokeshi
Japanese craft - Kokeshi dolls

Kokeshi, a traditional Japanese craft, is a desirable collectors item and has been popular worldwide for many years. Kokeshi dolls are small wooden figures with no legs and usually a round head, cylindrical body, and arms. They are often used as ornaments, charms, or even children's toys. The craft of making kokeshi dates back centuries and can be seen in many local flea markets across Japan as well as in the homes of Japanese families who have been collecting them for generations. You can read lots more about them here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kokeshi

And just a note that we also have small display cases that could be used to protect and display one or more Kokeshi doll. Here’s where you can see all our display case sizes.


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