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One of the things we've learned in the last year is that customers buy our display cases for things other than sports. After all our slogan is "We want to help you display your story", not "We want to help display your SPORTS story and we don't do other stories." To wit, dolls, action figures, bobbleheads, statuettes, and demitasse cups have all appeared in the cases of today's blog. The cases we are talking about today are usually tall and slim.

These cases are different than many of the other cases I've been discussing because they do not come with a base or risers, but with back panels that slide. You slide the panel out to put your item in and then slide the panel back into place.

But these cases are no less versatile than our other case. As the panels slide out, we are able to offer different back panel. Originally, we offered a black back with wall mount option or a clear back for table top display. But our customers wouldn't let us stick to that. One of them figured out a way to wall mount the case horizontally to display some demitasse cups (they're used for serving espresso). Another requested us to add some wall mounts so they could use the case horizontally to display coffee cups they had collected on their anniversary trips. So we started making and selling the cases with wall mounts for horizontal display. More requests came in and we added a mirrored back (the only one that doesn't come in a wall mount option) clear back wall mounts and white back wall mounts.

Thus, all of these cases are or will be available in table top versions with clear, mirrored, black or white backs, and in vertical and horizontal wall mount versions in clear, black and white backs. We'll discuss the cases in numerical order.

irst up is our A016 case 5.5" x 5.5" x 9.5", our "official" bobblehead display case.

Bobblehead display case Bobblehead display case

We got Spider-Man and Ryan (who needs Bryce Harper) Zimmerman pictured here. But the case handles more than bobbleheads, it can take the other "b": Bourbon.

Monon Bell bottle display case

This bottle commemorates the 125th Monon Bell game between Wabash College and Depauw University, the longest running college football rivalry west of the Allegheny Mountains. You can read more on this in my "The Bell of the (Foot)Ball blog here:

Our customers have really liked this case as well.

We loved the display case. It was the perfect size for our son's Lego piece so he could display it at work on his desk.
Thank you!

This is a very nice case. I never would have thought about a wall mount, but it's a great idea and really shows off my vintage bobblehead. Love it!

And then there are the horizontal versions:

Clockwork Piranha with the horizontal black back wall mount display case Multi-colored rhino display case with mirror

The A017 case has the same length and width at 5.5" but is about four inches taller at 13.25".

The first picture shows it as our wine bottle display case. It will fit most bottles of wine. The picture shows it with the black back, not the mirror and it looks great. Wine bottle display case

Doll display cases Then we have the doll display case version. This is perfect for the collectible Barbie doll you have or even the one you played with when younger and just can't bear to part with. You can see Barbie showcasing the various versions here:

And our last image shows how it looks with our white back horizontal version.

Doll display case white back horizontal

We move onto our A021 case, officially known as the Football End Zone Pylon case. As the name says, this was originally designed to display end zone pylons as shown in my football case blog ( ) and it measures 4.875" x 4.875" x 18.5". Remember those anniversary coffee mugs I mentioned before? They're pictured below. I'm just glad I had to figure a way to display my wife's tea mugs years ago or else I would have had to take a few months' worth of pay in cases as she has close to a hundred mugs. She has been complaining about how dusty they get, so I may still have to take this option.

Anniversary coffee mugs display case

This case is also a great option for displaying your Hess Christmas collectibles, especially in the mirrored version as seen below.

Christmas collectibles display case

With one of these you can display them all year long and open them up to play with at Christmas.

And then there's Joshua, who has managed to take me back to my young teen fantasy women, Julie Newmar and Yvonne Craig. He has Catwoman and Batgirl as well as Batman in the A021.

Catwoman and Batgirl as well as Batman display case

I haven’t done a column on Boxing yet, but one of the big features will be the A044 vertical Boxing glove; it has the biggest base measuring 8" x 6" (at least until the A087 arrives) of all the cases we are discussing and has a height of 13". My statuette of Adam Warlock, the original possessor of the Soul Gem, one of the Infinity Stones that Thanos collects in Avengers: Infinity War is shown with the white back. The white back does a nice job of showcasing the red and gold in the statuette and even lets the hint of green in the base to come through.

Infinity War is shown with the white back display case

The A078 has a slightly smaller base at 6" x 6", but is taller than A044 at 15". Modeled here by one of the worse shots in the galaxy. [Okay, I gotta digress and show this meme. For us sci-fi geeks this is HILARIOUS; if you don't get it, you can get a sci-fi fan to explain it to you. Control+Left Click on the pic to find more memes.] Collectible Figurine display case

Star Wars stormtrooper So we have a Star Wars stormtrooper figure in our clear case version. Barbie models the mirrored version here:

Our A085, 8" x 8" x 20", and A086, 6" x 6" x 24", are our newest editions. The A085 is well suited for American Girl dolls and other 17"-19" dolls and for 1:4 Neca Figures. Several customers have ordered this case for that specific purpose. As they are new, we haven’t gotten any customer pictures yet of their displays in these cases. We would certainly appreciate anyone who purchased one and sent us their photos. We will update the article as they come in.

A085 We purchased this for my granddaughter and it was for a build a bear that my late son-in-law got for her,she wants to keep it in great shape so we thought this would be the best thing,and it was a great purchase, well-constructed and we know who to recommend for future purchases,and I give good reviews for good, and bad for bad,and yes we recommend this great well manufactured case..

Our last case is the A087, our largest case in this category at 10.5" x 10.5" x 14.5". We designed this case specifically to fit most Hot Toys, the 1:6 scale figures available from . We have gotten a lot of calls of folks looking for cases for these pop culture figures and our cases were either not tall enough or not big enough to handle the base that the figures come with. We have recently designed this case and they should be available for sale in May of 2019!


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