Finding the right display case from Better Display Cases

If you’re looking for a display case for common collectibles such as footballs, basketballs, or shoes, Better Display Cases has you covered! All the common types of sports memorabilia have a case designed specifically for it. When you buy our football case, you know it will fit your football; all you have to do is choose your base and risers to personalize your display. For items like dolls, rings, books, bobbleheads, and pins & medals, we also have you covered! We designed our cases based on what our customers have asked for. But if you’re not sure which case you need for your model car or a special doll, here are some tips to help you choose your case.


We started with display cases for sports and related memorabilia, but quickly discovered there was a need for cases for other items. Customers wanted cases for Bibles or books, for dolls and statuettes, for mugs and bobbleheads. Our customers have used our cases for creating art projects, a phonograph player covers, dioramas, displaying tarantula molts or prehistoric fossilized bugs, or as a case for Venus Fly Traps!


There’s an infinite way to use our cases, and if you have a unique display, send us pictures to share! If you know you need a case but aren’t sure what size you need, please check out our list of case sizes. You can also reach out to our Customer Service department HERE and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Some of our best ideas and solutions come from talking to our greatest asset: our customers! Great ideas may be featured in one of our blogs! A final note relevant here is that all things being equal, you want to go with a display case company that offers a full line of display cases. That way if you need more cases in the future – they will match. No one offers a more full line of display cases, with more options, than Better Display Cases!

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