A Rather Different Display for Your Diorama

The title for this blog entry comes from a customer who had other ambitions for one of our display cases. As our readers can see in the images below it appears that there is no end to the creativeness and imagination of our customers.

Rather Different Display for Your Diorama

Rather Different Display for Your Diorama

These images come from Sydney who collects Japanese vinyl figures and, as seen in the images, has a knack for creating mystical environments for the little critters. The meticulous detail put into this fantasy diorama is astounding. Using one of our display cases advertised for footballs you can see what a little creativity can do, and in Sydney's own words...

"I collect Japanese vinyl figures and have two extra rare ones that are about $200 each. I wanted to keep them under glass so to speak and created what you will see in the picture attached...

Worked perfectly and thank you! Case is so clear it is barely visible in photos"

Rather Different Display for Your Diorama

It's creativeness like this that drives us at Better Display Cases to stand above the competition, and the creativeness in our customers provides a symbiosis for our own innovations for better display cases. We like "thinking outside the box" so to speak.

So, while browsing through our products think about all the ways you, or someone you know, can use one of our cases. You can feed your creative desires with the case Sydney purchased by following this link, or choose one of our assorted turf cases here.

Whether you're protecting a family heirloom, rare collectible, or even creating a diorama, we'd love to know what you're doing with a Better Display Case to create a "rather different display".

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