Clay Matthews Cleats

Many of our wonderful customers are sports collector's and that is what draws you to our products. One of the greatest things about collectors purchasing our cases is that sometimes we are grateful enough to get customers who will share their collections that are sitting in a Better Display Case with us! Take a look at this awesome pair of cleats that belonged to Clay Matthews, a former Offensive Linebacker for the Green Bay Packers.

Clay Matthews Cleats

We were fortunate that Steve sent in this pristine pair of cleats, signed by Matthews, displayed in one of our beautiful cases supported by a turf platform base. The perfect combination to display a pair of cleats! Steve obtained these through a trade with another collector! (A great trade if I do say so myself)

Millions of people tune in to watch their favorite sports teams every year and that number will only continue to grow. And while America's pastime may be considered baseball, let's not forget that football is the most popular sport being watched right now. With growing numbers of sports fans, that only means that the number of collectors and super fans will continue to increase. Therefore, many more cleats will be signed and that means people will need something to display them in. Well, look no further, as we have what you need!

Our large shoe/cleat display case is exactly what you are looking for! They are perfect for displaying a pair of signed shoes or cleats from any of your favorite players. For football fans, I recommend a turf base, paired nicely with your choice of risers. We have twelve different colors so you can customize your case in coordination with the colors from your favorite team. As you can see, that is precisely what Steve did with this pair of cleats.

Large shoe or cleat display case

So if you decide to display your signed cleats in one of our display cases, let us know. We love to see how you use our product!

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